Monday, 28 February 2005

Another Monday

Another week has begun and another weekend gone by without any major partying. Today ive got to pay my car loan and tomorrow ive got to get my road tax. Thats £370 ( nearly $700 ish ) in 2 days. I cant even afford to put credit on my mobile phone I'm that poor, and Ive got to take sandwich's to work. Its got to be paid though, so theres no point bitching about it is there!.

I took some photo's yesterday morning of the dogs up the garden in the snow. They are only small and they're ears were dragging in the snow, and were all white. It looked really good as it was snowing and you could see these black dogs turning white. Guss loved it, but I dont think Ozzy was to impressed. I remembed an important thing though..dont touch yellow snow!!

Sunday, 27 February 2005

Never drink and play!!

I made tha fatal mistake ( again ) last night off having a pint before getting up to play. It causes me to lose concentration on what I'm playing so in the end I fuck up, nothing bad, but I just get very sloppy. I'm not drunk, but I'm not totally focused. This happened when I played the show at the theatre aswell, I found it hard to concentrate on what I was playing. It was'nt vry loud last night either, which is always a problem for me as I'm a hard hitter. I blew Antony's eardrums when he came to see me play. ( but thats all I blew....rude people!! )

Its snowing hard again today, but it keeps melting, its not quite cold enough, but its only just above freezing. I love the way everything looks when its covered in snow, everyhtings all white and fresh looking. I might take some photo's if I can find some battery's for my camera.

Oh well, off to play!!

Saturday, 26 February 2005

So Tired!!

Im very tired today for some reason. I foolishly went to another jam night last night when I really should have come home. I played on a couple of songs but that was it. Im playing to night aswell, but I should be ok by then. I love playing live!!

It was very cold again yesterday, but all we had was some sleet and rain. Not the big snow covering that they had been promising us all week. Never mind. Sorry if my journal is a little boring at the moment, but I'm just plodding along and nothing much has happened, it will do soon though..promise!!

Thursday, 24 February 2005


Well the snow came then melted pretty quickly here, when a village about 25 miles away had 10inch's and cut off. Its not fair!! ( Im such a child ) Its still amazingly cold though, I had 3 coats on at work yesterday just to try and keep warm. I had so many layers on me that i was walking like the michelin man and it took was an effort to go to the toilet.

Another Thursday though which means he weeks is nearly over, and another month is nearly done. It doesn't seem like 5 minutes ago that we were on here wishing merry christmas to one another, and here we are just about to start month 3. Only 9 months till christmas though!! I must decide what im going to get Antony!! I would really like to go to Lapland for the weekend to have the real christmas experiance ( being a child again! ) Look at mw talking about christams and we haven't even had the summer yet. Oh yeah the holiday...cant wait. Antony  and myself are both very excited about it. Still got to sort it out properly though..its on the to do list, and sort out my passport.

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Its is Snowing!

It is snowing at last, it's a lot heavier and consisitant than yesterday, which is good. I was reading a notice on the board at work, and my drummer manager has put up a sign that they are playing on Friday and Saturday night at two different pubs, The Saturday night it says there will be a special guest......ME!!!. I didnt know about this, but it looks like I'm going to be playing a few songs. Its funny how, I might come along turns into your going to be playing. Never mind though, it gives me something to do.

Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Snow..or Fuck off!!

We have some snow, but not a lot. We are having short sharp showers which are'nt really amounting to much, I wish it would dump a load on us and be done with it or not bother at all. Hmm sounds familiar!

This morning I went to pick Antony up, as he wanted to go for walk to get some fresh air, the place we went to though was slightly taking the piss as it was fucking freezing and blowing a gale. We went to the riverpark that is on the esturary, and the wind was whipping off the North sea and in land. We went to the little cafe there and had some breakfast and a cup of tea, then we went to a little shopping center to have a look around. Not much happened but we had a fucking good laugh walking round.

After I dropped Ant off, i went to work which just was shit, boring and cold.Came home, wrote this while stuffing my face with cheese on toast and chocolate ecclairs..fuck the diabetes.

P.S. Happy 10th Birthday Bradley!!! ( another nephew )

Monday, 21 February 2005


Thank fuck for that!! The car passed it's MOT. without any problems. Im so relieved as this would mean that I could'nt get my car tax on Friday. Its a good start to the week at least.

I didnt do anything yesterday, just relax and chill out all day and play some music. I learned a couple of new songs on the guitar, and had a quick flick around Ebay to see if there was any cheap guitars and cymbals for my drum kit. There was lots i wanted, but I didnt bid on anything, got a holiday to save for.

Still waiting for the snow to arrive here. They now say that we might cop it on Thursday sometime, hope we do, good excuse for a long weekend and to do a bit of  sledging with Antony and the kids!! 

Sunday, 20 February 2005

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Another quiet day for me today, all I have to do it take the old lady shopping later.Yesterday I did little, apart from take the dogs for a walk in the woods. This wasn't a good idea as they went charging over a log and I didnt, I tripped over the log and fell in a stinging nettle bush...again! Everytime the pull me over I always end up in a bush and getting my hands stung. My left hand is still stinging this morning, but never mind. Today I think we will just walk round the streets.

Saturday, 19 February 2005

Lazy Saturday

Fucking hell, my Motorhead tickets came this morning! I only ordered them on Wednesday night. Not the best seats in the world but I dont care, as long as I'm there im not fussed.

Ive booked the car in for an MOT on Monday morning, I do hope it passes, if it doesn't I'm fucked as I have no money to put it right.It looks like ive hit something as I have a big red scratch mark on my bumper, its not touched the body work though and it should polish off.

Ive got nothing to do today so I'm going to chill out and have a restfull weekend. Spare a thought though for my beloved Mr.B. He has got to work a 14 hour night shift tonight..on a rude!! Bless him.

Friday, 18 February 2005

A womans work is never done!

Another shit day at the funny farm! Very boring indeed.Craig ( now refered to as the slag ) pulled another moody day's holiday and proceeded to keep texting me all day to rub it in. Cunt!!

I went to see Antony tonight to discuss the holiday. and we are going to Grand Canaria ( is that where canaries come from? ) I think we are going to a place called Pueto Rico, which I swore was in Mexico, and I was calling Ant a cunt all day at work for getting it wrong. I do get so confused you know, I think its my age! Or perhaps I'm just a twat! Anyway it sounds like its going to be so much fun, I cant wait, I need a holiday and at least its going to be with someone who is fun and that i love dearly!!

Right, time to start slimming.


Thursday, 17 February 2005

Mind Moving like a Parallelogram!

Im still on a high from getting my tickets, I really cant wait. Anyway, theres lots to sort out and I really cant be fucked to do it. Ive booked the day of the concert off, and the day after as my neck isnt going to be up to much from all the headbanging, and that way I can have a long weekend aswell. I also booked up my summer hoilday. Ive got the first 2 weeks of July off. Antony and me are going to sort out where to go on holiday together, somewhere warm I think. Where ever it is though, I'm sure its going to be an absolute riot!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Back down to earth with a bump!

Bollocks! Ive just realised that my car tax, car MOT,car insurance and car loan are all due on the same day! Fuck it! Im going to be doing a lot of staying in over the next couple of weeks, oh well.

Antony has found somewhere cheap to go on holiday, so im going to go round there to check it out at some point. He said it was in Grand Canaria. Ive always wanted to go there.I'll have to lose some weight and go to the gym to tone up though, and have my shorts line waxed!!

Tuesday, 15 February 2005

30th Anniversry part 2

I'm going to see Motorhead!!!!

I've just ordered my tickets!!!!


30th Anniversary

Ive just been reading a heavy metal magazine and there is a big advert for a concert that Motorhead are doing for they're 30th anniversary. I NEED TO GO!!! I went to the 25th anniversary concert that was released on DVD later on, and it ws fucking great. They are promissing very special guest, which leads me to believe that it may well be all the past members of the band. I hope I can get tickets!!

Not much went on yesterday. Work was boring and cold. I went roung to see Dale last night and he's having the worst luck. He got a new phone just before christmas and it went wrong after 9 days, well 3 the phone company didnt want to know and neither did motorola the phone manufactorers. Anyway, to cut a long story short he's only just got the phone back ( and we think AOL are shit! ) Well. over the weekend his Mum and Dad had to have they're cat put to sleep because it was ill, then the next morning he feel over up the garden and cracked his pelvis, so Dale has got to run his buiness on his own for about 6 weeks. They dont have anyone else woking for them, so he has to do it all himself.

The joys of being self employed!!

Monday, 14 February 2005

Valentines day

Happy Valentines day all!! Well my post man wasn't exactly buckling under the weight of my mail this morning. But hey ho!!

I saw Mr B yesterday for the first time in ages, we went shopping in Bluewater, being silly trying hats on and stuff, it was very funny.I didnt do anything else for the rest of the day, just chill out and rest..good stuff!!

P.S My alerts arent working now either!!

Sunday, 13 February 2005

Stairway To Heaven

After me everybody, do dar do dar dar dugga dar dugga dar dugga dar. Whole Lotta Love, probably the best rock guitar riff ever written!! What a fucking fab night! They played it all, Going to California, Thats the Way, Over the Hills and Far Away, Dazed and Confused you name it they played it, and I was totally in my element. Loads of air guitar going on and all that good stuff. I must admit that I got just a little bit ( well..very! ) drunk last night, and when they started to play Stairway to Heaven I got  a little, well how do you put it, tired and emotional!! I got a little to far into the moment and had a tear in my eye. It felt like the 70's, fucking great night.

I didnt do anything else yesterday because i felt a bit weird and though i was going to be ill, but when I had my dinner before I went out, I realised i'd taken the wrong tablets in the morning and that was causing it. Silly old queen.

Ive got nothing to do today except for go shopping, so im going to learn some more Zeppelin songs on the guitar. I might start with In My Time Of Dying

Saturday, 12 February 2005

Grumpy Dogs and Shit Weather!

Im faced with a gay dilema this morning, do I put the washing out to dry or not? It looks like its going to rain one minute, then it comes out sunny the next. On top of this, Guss is very grumpy this morning and keeps growling at me and Ozzy. You can tell he's Lee's dog, they have the same stroppy temprement.

I feel really bad today aswell, as I let Antony down last night. I went to Mark's leaving drink in the pub, but I was just so tired that I came home. I phoned him and explained all, and he was cool with it, but I really wanted to be there with him. The mind is willing but my body is telling me no. Im getting old!

So for my little sweetheart Antony

I love you baby and I'm very sorry for letting you down!!

As for today, well I dont know. There's a Led Zeppelin tribute band playing up the Beacon Court ( a local rock pub ) that I would really like to go to tonight. I 'll go on my own if I have to. Ive got a few little jobs to do around the house, then I might take myself out.

Friday, 11 February 2005


Friday at last, its been a long week. I feel a bit sad today as Mark is leaving and I hate goodbye's ( bloody poof!! ) I wish him well with the new company he's starting up and I hope its a success.

Ive beaten my own record at work. Im now known as Stewie 3 puds!!! I managed to eat double eggs,chips and beans, with 2 slices of bread and a slice of sponge cake and 2 slices of chocolate gataux!! I felt very fat afterwards,but I got much respect from the boys at work.

Ive got Marks leaving do tonight, plus Antony want me to go out with him tonight. Im going to try and do both things. I hope I dont get to tired at work, I feel really tired sometimes on  friday and just want to go home, i hope i'll be ok.

Thursday, 10 February 2005


Good news people! Ive just come back from the hospital and they have said that my viral load has gone below 50. This means that if I had a blood test now, it would'nt show up that I was H.I.V.+. This good news indeed as it show's my medication is working well. Ive had a few more test this morning, which is for liver function, chorlestarol and glucose, they are just fine tuning everything before they let my sta haning 3 month checks instead of monthly ones.Cool!!!!

Yesterday at the diabetes clinic was shit. Thr room was full of a load of old coffin dodgers, and some old scroat who stank.The fat bastard sat behind me aswell, and his breath was awfull. I felt like farting just to make the air a bit cleaner. Anyway, they went though all the do's and dont's of  what to eat and stuff, checking blood sugar levals and basic takeing care of your feet. It was all very depressing though. All the stuff i like to eat is bad for you, and as for alcahol!! Well, the recomended allowance is 3 units a day, which is like a pint and a half. I have that in 15 minutes!! Fuck it!!

Oh well,its better to burn out early and live a full life rather than turn into some fat smelly old scroat!

You already are!!!

Who said that!!!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2005


Wel ive managed to skank the day off of work!! I told them I was having some jabs and stuff, and they brought it. Seriously though, Im going to get the train over to the hospital today, so as to save on the car parking ( Its a rip off in the hospital car park ) and by the time ive walked back down to the train station and got home and had something to eat, it will easily be 6 o'clock and not really worth going in. Plus I hate Wednesdays at work.

So catch you all later after the boring 3 hour talk at the hospital!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2005

Tuesday Bluesday

Its very cold this morning, no wonder we all get colds as it was sunny and mild yesterday. Not a lot happened yesterday, Convoy was on the telly last night, so I watched that for about the 100th time. I love that film.

This morning I spoke to Antony for the first time in ages. Im going out with him Friday night after work. I cant wait, Ive really missed him. He's got the new job which he enjoys and pays well, but its working nights. A girls got to do what a girls got to do to get money though. God bless him..I love him xxx

Monday, 7 February 2005

Monday bloody Monday

Another week, and its the week that Mark leaves. Im a bit sad but I wish him all the best with starting up his buisness.

Ive got to do some bulllshitting at work today to try and get the rest of Wednesday off after my diabetes clinic. I think I might use ive got to have a Hepetitus B jab and they can make you feel funny. I'll let you know later how I got on.

Sunday, 6 February 2005

Quiet Sunday

Anther quiet Sunday. I love it!!!

Friday, 4 February 2005

Another good Excuse for a Skive

When i got home from the hospital yesterday, my mail had come through, and Ive got to go to the Diabete's clinic next Wednesday for a health care meeting. Unfortunaly this meeting falls in work time, so Ive got to have the day off. Paid!!! What a fucking shame ay!!? This chat is 3 hours long, so I think after that I will be brain dead anyway.

Yesterday was dull at work and I just could'nt be bothered with it all, so I did very little and sulked a lot. I was having a Queenie fit I think.

Thursday, 3 February 2005

Totally unreal

This you aint going to believe. I came out in a bad rash on my face yesterday, so I phoned up my H.I.V. doctor this morning to have a chat with him about it. He told me to go straight up there and see him, which I did.He's had a look at me and it turns out that im elergic to the cold!!! Thats a new one on me! He told me that I should'nt be in the cold at work and that I need an office job. He even told me that he will write me a letter for work explaining this.

I feel some major piss taking at work coming on!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Wednesday already

I cant believe how quick this week is going, not that its a bad thing really, it means the weekend will be here soon. Work has been dull and boring this week Weve had the agency blokes in, but its all the retarded ones, none of the hotties are in, what a dissapointment.

Antony asked me yesterday morning if I wanted to go on holiday with him in the summer. It will just be him and me. I said yes as i would love to, so at some point over the weekend we are going to sort something out....cant wait!!

Tuesday, 1 February 2005

Just for NJLB