Monday, 18 February 2008


Lee and Me went to the hospital today for our routine 3 month checks. We're both ok ( CD4 300 , Viral Load <40 counts ) which is good enough for me. I've managed to lose a whole pound in weight in 3 months, Lee has managed to lose 10 pounds ( cunt! ) so now we both weight the same ( 14st 8  fat bastards!! ). There was the usual shit and pond life up there again this morning, but there seemed to be more clapped up slappers there than must be the weather. After having what felt like 2 pints of blood taken out of my arm, we went for an over priced and over shit breakfast in the hospital restaurant. It really was fucking awfull. I've not eaten a shit breakfast like that since I worked at Safeways.

In August we are going to Malta again on holiday. This time we are going for 2 weeks, and we're staying a bit further into town than we were last year. I dont mind as long as I get a balcony and there aren't to many noisy pissed up cunts staying at our hotel. There might be some time for a new pastime called " Seagulling " I'm not going to explain because it really is digusting...but if you want to know..... Its fucking expensive this year though as we're going in ther first 2 weeks in August. Its going to cripple me though. I've worked out I've got £50 ( $100 ) a week until the end of May, so no going out or fuck all for me. Oh'll be worth it. Which leads me onto....

Fucking work!!!

We are unsually fucking busy as we managed to drop a bastard great £54,000 ( $108,000 ) contract that we have to complete within 3 months. Some of us ( well about 5 of us ) are doing all the overtime god sent,  I even worked 7 days this week. Some of the other lazy moaning cuntbags have done precisely fuck all to help, but continue to moan...wankers.I just hope that when the personal bonus comes up next month that it is weighed towards those people who have put themselves out for the place. On top of this, everyone else is busily spending they're budgets up so we are trying to keep up with that aswell. I think in April when it all dies down we will be off sick with exhaustion. Hey..I ned the overtime, so I'm just going to get on with it....oh the joy!

Sunday, 3 February 2008



I've got the hangover from hell today. It was my nephews 18h birthday party last night, and I was giving the lager a severe beating along with Lee and my sisters. I was a really good night, made even funnier by ther fact that Lee and me we're having a photo taken together, and the chair collapsed out from underneath him...hahaha. I laughed so much, which I think fucked him off a bit. Oh well...he would have laughed if I had done it.


I've been using a program on my laptop called Gotomypc. I lets you get into your desktop computer from your laptop anywhere in the world as long as your desktop is on and connected to the internet. I've got it on demo for 30 days, and I think it's brilliant. All your files and programs work as they would normally. It'll be great when we go on holiday this year.

We're thinking of going back to Malta again in August. The paper work I'd have to do to get into America is fucking amazingly complex for me, so we're not bothering for the time being. We're trying to get into a posh hotel in Buggiba which overlooks the bay and out into the Mediterainian sea. It looks loverly, and as now Lee has a part time job in a travel agaents, we will be able to get 10% off the price, so it should only cost just about £380 each...billy bonus!!!

Anyway, I'm off to bed to try and get rid of thisfucking hangover before work tomorrow...I cant be doing with being tired on a Monday.