Sunday, 27 May 2007


Typical bank holiday weather then. 9.55am and its throwing it down...fucking great. Lee has gone to rehearsals for Boogie Nights, so I'm stuck here with the dogs. The only bonus is the F1 motor racing is on from Monaco at Mid-day, so i'll get to watch that in peace and quiet.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, 24 May 2007


I had an interesting conversation tonight about what terms for "Gay" I found offensive?. Truth be known, I dont get offended by any of them. I get more offended when people find out I'm gay, and then just assume that I'm a fucking Kylie fan! 

Poof, homo, bender , shirt lifter really dont bother me. My two favorites though are Chutney Ferret and Knob Jockey. Knob jockey really makes me laugh, and the one I tend to you most

If you cant take the piss out of yourself then your fucked!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

What the Fuck?

What the fucking hell is going on with the pictures? When did they start all that swirlling shit?

Anyway, not a great deal has happened the last week. The weather has turned back around and its been baking today, I'm glad I've got air con in the van. Natalie the new manageress is doing a good job of trying to change the place and co-ordinate us all. Its a thankless task and I'm just glad its not me doing it. I'm far too hot headed for that. and I probably would have told someone to fuck off by now.

I've noticed that Thin Lizzy are playing in Folkstone the day before my birthday in December. I've been dropping hints to Lee that it would be a loverly present, but he's either pretending he's not heard ( he'd hate it ) and hopes I shut up going on about it, or he's not getting it. That could fall within the same time as Motorhead play there, so it could be a bonus birthday.

Bank holiday weekend again this week, so fucking hoorah for 3 days off!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

My Melancholy Blues

I love this Queen song..brilliantly mellow and relaxing.

Anyway, its still miserable and raining here, infact I think it managed to rain most of the weekend. I went to see my nephew play in his football teams league cup final on Sunday morning. They were playing the same team as last year ( Lordswood ) and managed to win 6 nill against them. That the third year on the trot they've beaten them in the final. It was miserable up there though, but i did manage to get home before it really pissed down. I got caught out bigtime though walking the dogs in the afternoon, the heavens opened we got soaked. Mr Woo wasn't a happy camper and spent the rest of the afternoon hiding under a chair and growling at anything that went near him.

Did anyone catch that farcicle Eurovision song contest? What a load of bollocks that was! We watch it every year and are amazed at the odd voting system they have, but this year it took the piss. All the Baltic states and former Yugoslavian states were voting for each other and fucking off every western country. We only got 12 points from Ireland, then we didn't even have the decensy to repay the compliment. I must admit , that it wasn't a half bad song we put in, well it weren't great, but we've put in a fuck site worse in the past.

Apart from that, nothing much else has happened. Work has been slow. I've not had much to do, but I'm making the most of it, as when we do get busy, it really goes for it.

Right, photo's this time are Lee and Mr Woo and with little Ozzy.

Peace out Mo fo's

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Shit Weather

Well fuck my old boots whats happened with the weather? Its been colder than a witch's tit here the last couple of nights. It can only get better though.

We did we all enjoy our May bank holiday and the long weekend? I didn't do much. I spent Friday and Saturday night with Lee just mooching around and eating and stuff ( hmmm ). He had rehearsals for his show on Sunday, so I went to a big festival with my Mum that was going on in our local town. We have 3 a year and this one is some odd pagan one with people who are old enough to know better morris dancing. One of the groups was called the Pig Dykes ( they looked like a Kiss tribute act! )..and one of the woman had pig dyke molly on the back of her t shirt. I was going to ask her if she was infact an ugly lesbian called molly as her t shirt seemed to state, but my Mum wouldn't let me! I was good down there though, fucking packed to the rafters, but the beer was flowing nicely, and the old dear even brought me a couple of very strong real ales from the beer festival down there. I didn't get wankered though..not cool when your out with your Ma.

Works been quiet but fucking long this week, to be honest I cant be arsed with it this week. The bank holiday fucks me up, still, nice to have a long weekend though.

Anyway, pics this week are from the festival and our local Norman Castle in the town.

P.S. To Scot, Larry, Cubby and Jenny...big up brothers ( and sister ) and I hope your all well...and to anyone else that can be bothered to read this shit..hello and welcome!