Sunday, 25 September 2005

Keep right on till the end of the road

I keep forgetting to update this thing, as lots has been going on. Things at work have been rough for the last couple of months, we have been servicing less shops and the stock leval has dropped really low. I went into work Friday and we were told that we were shutting down, so basically I've been made redundant. We dont know exactly when we are going, it would be 6 weeks, 3 months or 6 months, its just a waiting game. I'm not that gutted by it as ive been there 10 years and I think its time for a change. Its going to be shit to leave all the mates ive got there and start again, Im going to miss Craig and Rob a lot as I've been mates with them all this time. goes on.

Tonight I'm going with my nephew to see a band called Nightwish. Apparantly they are Finnish and they play some sort of gothic metal, and the woman singer does it in opera style!? Should be an eye opener!!

Thursday, 15 September 2005

So Work This Out!

Ok Ok I said I never would, bit Lee and myself are taking tentative steps to getting back together. We sat down the other night and had a chat about it, and we both decided to give it another shot. We BOTH understand what happened to ruin it in the first place. Most of it was lack of converstaion between us, so problems never got solved in the long run. We are going slow and starting from scratch. I do miss him and I do love him madly, I'm not just saying it because nothing is going to happen with Antony, but the truth is, when I left Lee I still kept thinking about him everyday, and realised how much I missed him. Fingers crossed.

On an even better side, it looks like we are going on strike at work next Friday. I like the idea of this as it gives me a long weekend and I can go down the pub. I'll do my bit on the picket line aswell, just to say I've done it....Its going to be fun putting one up the company. 

Sunday, 11 September 2005


I had a really good night out with Antony last night. We went to a bar that was really a metal was full with students who like rock and punk and stuff like that. I didnt think that Antony would like it but he did. We went to the gay bar after that, but he said he could have stayed in that other bar all night.

Its been shitty at work this week aswell, we still dont know if we are shutting down or not, they wont tell us anything. I'm not really bothered if we do or dont, i've been there long enough to get a good redundancy out of them.

I've just got a new favorite Iron Maiden song which is nothing like any other Maiden song that I know. Its an acoustic number called Journeyman and its got great lyrics to it. The chorus struck a chord with me,

I know what I want

I say what I want

And no one can take it away

I'll do what I want

I'll be who I want

And no one will take it away.

Monday, 5 September 2005

Happy Birthday Freddie

Today would have been Freddie Mercury's 59th birthday. To mark the event I have been playing Queen songs and I have made a donation to the Mercury Pheonix trust, which was the aids trust that Queen set up after he died.


Anyway, The date went well the other night and yes NJLB..I did take your advice. ( is swallowing aloud though? ), I'm going to see him again next week, he's very a very sweet guy. Still keeping my options open though.

Lee phoned me last night and he has dumped Dave.Apparantly he was very high maintainance and Lee got pissed off with it. He is going through a rebelious stage I think..he seems to be shagging anything that moves, he's started smoking and has been dabbling with drugs..I'm not getting involved and just let him get on with it.

Antony is ok too, we still seem to spend most of our time together, and we are still behaving like an old married couple. We've got a lot of things planned for the next few months.

Another thing..what the fuck is happening in New Orleans? From what I'm seeing on the news it just seems like everyone has gone on the rampage. In this country, we would pull together as a community and help each other out and pull each other through it, I cant get my head around all these gun totting twats that are running round shooting people and looting shops. O.K. to an extent I can understand breaking into a shop to try and get water and food, but I saw a picture in the paper of looters carrying arm full's of I'm not being funny, but no one is really going to want to bye them are they? Also, if people want help, why are some dickheads shooting at the rescuers? Some people really do need to get a grip on reality!!

It also seems that George Bush really has done fuck all about it. The best bit of advice I heard was " If you dont need to bye gas, then dont! " thats going to help!! It did make me laugh though. Its a huge thing that the government have to cope with, but they have been slow sorting there shit out. We had something happen over here last year in a place called Boscastle. After a freak storm, a wall of water came down off the mountains washed the village away, they are still pulling cars out of the sea and they are a mile from land. These people just got on with it and those not as badly affected helped those that were. Some people had all they're family and house wiped away in seconds, but no one got a gun and started shooting at the numerous rescue helicopters that were flying over trying to get people.

Maybe its a social thing between out two country's, and without trying to big our country up ( we too have huge faults ) i definatly think we are more community minded and more willing to help each other in time of crisis.

Thats it..rant over


Thursday, 1 September 2005

I got a date!!

I've been talking to Shaun every night this week for about 3 hours a night on IM.and we have arranged a meet for tomorrow night. We get on really well it seems so it will be intersting how we do when we meet. I'm really excited by it all, its good to know I can still do it, and I wasn't particulaly looking for anyone either.

I'm just going to take things slow and see how it goes