Monday, 29 January 2007


A big HELLO and shout out to Scot ( aka theeboi ) nice to meet you mate and thanks for reading this shit!!

I'm very pleased to meet you mate

Still Tired

I'm still tired, both emotionaly and physically. Its been a funny week, but why sometimes to make yourself happy do you have no alternative but to piss someone off? It wasn't deliberate, but something had to give , and its a huge gamble on my part. If it works it will give me the peace and happiness that I want so much, but I've had to endure a shitstorm tonight, that in fairness I knew was coming, but doesn't make any easier. The saying is I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. No matter what decition I made, I was going to hurt someone.

Anyway, I went to the pub and got shitfaced on Saturday night, after getting myself a new guitar in the afternoon, and seeing an actor that was in the last Harry Potter film in my local town. Last night I went to Greenwich in London and saw telly doctor Dr. David Bull. He used to be an agony doctor on Live and Kicking kids show , and now he does Most Haunted live shows. What a wanker he is though, talking loudly and looking round to see who was looking at him...Cunt!!

Very hard day at work today, not so much in the amount of drops I had to do, but the shear amount that I had to deliver to a couple of drops. Neither of the 2 big ones were easy to do and it was really heavy going lugging this shit about. Tomorrow isnt looking any easier either, 18 drops. I'm sure Lindsay thinks I'm a fucking magician sometimes with the amount she gives me to do, and when I say something, she either goes all quiet or mutters something under her breath. She's a useless shit sometimes, and since I was told the other day that she is NOT my supervisor as was first thought, I can say a bit more about what she wants me to do. I've already pissed her off and changed to routes round a bit. Barry ( who did the job before me ) was very good at it, but he was very set in his ways, I like to do the job my way, and think I can improve the way the rounds are worked out so its more cost effective for the company. I presented my proposal to the guvner and he liked it and approved it, but she doesn't like it one bit and I have to keep checking what they are putting down to go out. Julia is helping me though, and she has gripped what Im doing and is getting Lindsay to listen and adjust. We'll get there though.

All in all its just another brick in the Pink Floyd once sung.

Monday, 22 January 2007

Its Bloody Cold!!

The fucking weather has turned well harsh. Its freezing cold and its been raining and sleeting all day. Traffic was pants too!!

I've not done much all week and weekend. Mainly because I've got no money. I get paid on Thursday, which is just aswell. I need a holiday I think, or I just need to get away for a couple of days. Im getting very pissy and I think I just need to go away and clear my head. Just a change of scenery would be nice.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Never trust anyone!!

Lesson for today children, Dont trust any fucker!!! All I'm going to say is, its amazing sometimes that the people you love the most are the ones that shit on you from the greatest height!

Today was stressfull. There was a huge accident this morning on the M20, which meant the motorway and all surrounding routes where stuffed up with rush hour traffic. I had a nightmare trying to find my first drop off. You had to go round the back ( Tut  ) then up the passage ( Tut ) and underneath a theatre to get to the backdoor. ( Im not doing this on purpose ), then you have to phone the front desk and wait for what seems like an eternity for someone to come down.

After that there was more traffic all over London, but I gave up worrying about it and in the end, I got my round done without to much hassel. I think I'd just gone to work in a shitty mood this morning.

The second version of Black Sabbath are going out touring under the name of Heaven and Hell this year. They cant go out as Black Sabbath for legal reasons, but it is going to be awesume to see Ronnie James Dio and Tony Iommi playing together again. Im definatly going to get tickets for it.

Important lesson number 2.

Dont put off till later, what you could do right now.


I thought I'd pop into Morrisons to get some stuff for dinner on the way home from work, and very nearly shit myself!

Sunday, 7 January 2007

What a weekend!!

Well what a weekend that was! Not least that I finally managed to master the seriously de-tuned T.V.Crimes by Black Sabbath. I've been trying to get the riff right for ages and this morning I managed to get it right.

Anyway, I went shopping in Maidstone with Antony yesterday afternoon, and just for a change it was fucking raining. Thats the second week we've got a soaking. In the evening we went to the Riverside Tavern...admittedly early at 5pm, and I stayed there until 2am...what a trooper I am. Antony whimped out just after 1 and fucked off home. We had a load friends turn up, plus some of the old regulars that I haven't seen for ages. It was good to chat and catch up with things. The added bonus was that I got chatting to a lad who reacons he was bi curious..well after he stuck his tounge down my throat I figured he wasn't so curious after all...haha. Nothing happened, just a bit of tonsil tennis, but its good to know I can still do it at 34!

Today was even more bizzarre. We went for one of our drives and as it was my turn to drive, I decided I wanted to check out some parts of London that I go to with work , but dont have time to really look round. We went to Richmond, which is a seriously rich part of west London, near to Heathrow airport, and I knew that Pete Townshend guitarist from The Who , lived in the area. I knew what road he lived on and he had said on his website what one of the cars was he drives, so I told Antony to keep an eye out. Well, it went like this..Look there's the car...look there's his house...Look..and there's Pete Townshend!!! Fuck me!! We couldn't have timed it any better, just as we drove past he was coming out of his front door and getting in his car. I was well impressed. We didn't get chance to speak to him, but it was good seeing him in the flesh

We also went and found Elstree film studios in North Lonodon. It was a bitch to find, but we finally found it. Antony was excited to see the Big Brother house, which is actually going on now, plus where they make Who wants to be a millionaire, and the George Lucas film stage, where all the Star Wars films were filmed.

 Litteraly just down the road from there behind some shops is the BBC television studios which is where Eastenders is filmed. Antony was loving this as he is a massive soap opera queen..haha

Cutting it short ( I'm getting bored now! ) We also went to BBC radio centre, Abbey road studios where The Beatles recorded, and some other landmarks that Antony hadn't seen before.

So all in all, it been a top bollock weekend!

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Back To Work Again

Back to work today after the good and sometimes bad christmas period. I was amazingly bored New Years Eve, and was only out for a couple of hours before I got tired and went home. We went out on Saturday night to The Riverside and I think some cunt spiked my drink, because Saturday and Sunday night I couldn't sleep a wink...not even nearly tired..bastards!!

I was on auto pilot today at work today. I think it was the jolt of having to get up at 6.45 this morning instead of about 9. Work wasn't to harsh, as most of the places were still shut, but there is still a huge amount of stuff to take out over the next few weeks. Its certainly not going to be a quiet start to the year.

And so to this year. I dont really know what I would like and what I want to achieve this year, but I do want to do some things that I've been putting on the backburner. I think i'll just take it as it comes.

2007 Onwards and upwards!