Monday, 26 December 2005

Boxing Day Night

Well christmas is over for another year, and yet again I've eaten and drunk far to much. I got this year an acoustic simulator pedal for my guitar, an iPod nano ( yeah!! ) and socks!!...yep..good old socks!!

I cooked dinner yesrterday and today for the family. I did well this year,everything went really well and was cooked beutifully.

I'm back to work tomorrow so i'm going to have an early night and catch up on some sleep. I've only got about another 3 weeks though then we are getting made redundant. Ive got an interview on the 5th January aswell..i'm looking forward to that!!

Saturday, 24 December 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!!!

I hope you all have a good one!!



Monday, 19 December 2005

Fucking AOL

Fucking shit AOL went down on Thursday night,and ive only just managed to get it online again. I installed it and un istalled it 3 times, and I still couldn't get online. Today, I managed it, but I've lost all my favorite sites, so I've got to go back and refind them. Fucking thing.

Well christmas is nearly upon us. I'm quite looking forward to it this year and the for the year coming up. New year, new job!!

Tuesday, 13 December 2005

Happy Birthday to ME

I'm 33 today!!

I dont feel a day over 40...haha

Sunday, 11 December 2005

Boys with Toys

Its been a fairly good week, I've brought myself some new gadgets for the car. I've got a really cool new car stereo, which links up to my mobile phone so that I can make calls while driving and I can hear it all through my car huh?

I also got myself a Sat Nav system for the car. I love watching it when I really should be concentrating on my driving!! I think Lee is gettin g me an I Pod for christmas. If he does, that will go in the car aswell. I love gadgets!!

I'm going out in the morning to have a game of golf with Craig. I've not tried out my new clubs since I brought them last week. I've really started to get into the game since I went down the driving range with Craig last month.

As of Tuesday I will be another year older. 33 this year and I dont feel a day over 40..haha. I went to the pub with Lee last night to celebrate it and I got really shitfaced. All the old gang from 5 years ago were out and it was just like old times again..fucking great night. Trouble was, was that I was really ill this morning. The worst moment was chucking up in Safeways car park as people were coming out from church....i think they were sending me to hell...well I felt like I was already there!!

On a last was my dog Gus's 3rd birthday today. I tried to get him to blow out the candles on a little cake but he wasn't having it. Ungratefull little bastard!! haha

Saturday, 3 December 2005


I did the second half of a gig for a band called Sultan last night. They are a really good rock and roll band, playing stuff like AC/DC, Rush, Bryan Adams and so forth. I went for it a little to hard, and now today my fingers are blistered to fuck!!( see pic ) They really do hurt, but it was a great gig, very loud and very sweaty. Despite the pain I kept going, I just wrapped electrical tape round my fingers. I think I've stolen the regular drummers gig aswell. he he

Thursday, 1 December 2005

World Aids Day

Its World Aids Day people, Lets all remember and spare a thought.

Education is what we need!!