Tuesday, 31 July 2007

...and Still No Card

Still no card has arrived and I've been getting shitty with the bank. They have blamed everybody I think, including the postal strike which was only 1 day. They are now officially CUNTS!!

Lee and me went upto London on Saturday for the afternoon. We stopped of at Greenwich, and got the river boat the rest of the way into town. I took  some photo's of town from the boat which I shall put up soon. We got stupidly drunk as we made our way round Soho, and it ended up with us in The Admiral Duncan, which was the one that got blown up a few years ago. Someone had put a load of Sex Pistols songs on jukebox, which I thought was great for a gaybar and I was singing along at the top of my voice. Lee didn't enjoy it..lol. In my pissed up state, I thought it would be quite amusing to put Bomber by Motorhead on. Lee came running out of the shithouse, knowing it was me that done and dragged me out the pub, bollocking me on the way that it was a perhaps a touch insensative bearing in mind what had happened there. He's got a point I suppose.

I didn't make things any better for myself. I puked into a McDonalds bag on the way home on the train, then the bottom of the bag fell out and I was puking all down my jeans.

I'm now very very officially in the doghouse!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Still No Card

Still no fucking card! I went down the bank last Wednesday and they advised me that if it hadn't come by Saturday, then it probably wasn't going to and to go in and order a new one. The girlie at the counter was less than helpfull aswell. I asked her to do a balance enquirey and she was asking what my postcode was, my mothers maiden name, what insurance company I was with, what date I got paid and who by, and the killer question... What is the name of the group that pays Lee's wages in?. How the fuck do I know that? I know what company he works for but no the name what group that belongs to, and because of this she said " Well if you cant answer that, then I cant progress with your enquiry" My response was " Oh do me a fucking favour. I've told you all I know." She started getting really snotty with me until the woman next to her said she new about my card and it was cool. Needless to say, I was fucking fuming when I came out the bank , and kept myself shut away at home till I had calmed down.

So..She's ordered ANOTHER card, which I'm going to have to wait 7-10 days for.

I hate banks..and the bankers that work in them!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Banks R Cunts!!

Ok, so I was the dumb cock that lost his wallet, but that was 2 weeks ago and I've still yet to recieve my new cash point card. First of all the bank told me it would take 7 days to come through, no problem I thought, then that turned into 7 to 10 days, and now 12 days later..FUCK ALL!!. I had words with them today and they said that if I doesn't come by Saturday, then they'll cancel that one and order another one...which will take upto another 7 days. I'm not happy.

Work is pissing my off still aswell. I know its been busy this week with school holidays coming up, but they are taking the piss a bit. I've applied for the job and the coach company and not just because its a 9 grand a year pay rise. The more I think about it the more I fancy doing it. Its continental work aswell, aswell as holidays in this country.

Ho hum, we'll see what happens.

Monday, 9 July 2007


Holiday over

The holiday was loverly. I wont bore you with details and to many photos' but it was roasting hot out there, and average of 114 degrees. We got very burnt and drank loads. Its a loverly little island actually, go visit if you can.

Fucking bombings and stuff again while I was away. I'm glad I went when I did, as Gatwick and the rest of the airports we're fucking murder to get through. It took nearly 3 hours to get through check in and security, just enough time to get a McDonalds and run ti the plane.

The Tour De France came through here yesterday. They closed all the roads off till 2 in the afternoon, so everywhere was dead. I was going to walk down the bottom of the road and watch it but wasn't really that bothered. I wastched it on telly instead.

Back to work today, and I'm in a bit of a dillema. I can go for a job as a coach driver, the money is a lot better than what I get now, and its an eassier job. BUT, the hours are shittier than what mine are now.

I dont know what to do.