Monday, 25 June 2007


Its been busy week, work has been hectic and I had another minibus job to do aswell. Lee has been doing a 70's show called Boogie Nights, so he's been rehearsing and doing the show over the weekend. Sadly, his best friends Mum died suddenly on Saturday night, which was a bit off a shock to him as he's known her since he was a child.

On a better note, we are both on holiday now , and on Saturday morning we booked a last minute deal to Malta for a week. We're flying out tommorow afternoon and coming back next Wednesday.

So I wont be around for a week...stay safe everybody!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Ernest Angley

I was flicking through the telly channels this morning when I came across a preacher called Ernest Angley. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen in my life. He was claiming to heal people live on the stage, and they were lapping it up like you wouldn't believe. It stuck me as an odd culture thing between our countries. We just go to church and do quiet praying, and the Americans get right into it, but I really could'nt believe what I was seeing, they were all crying and screaming, and he was lapping it up like he was god himself.

I didn't bye into it at I just being cynical?

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Long Week

I was playing Bookworm on AOL games the other day..see if you can find the word they would'nt let me use!!



I've been doing a lot of overtime this week to help pay for a holiday in a couple of weeks time. We are going to book something on the 25th and see if we can fly out on the 27th. We found a week in Kos for 109 each!!. We're not fussed where we go, as long as its weathers hot and the beers not.

On Tuesday afternoon, some scroat just walked into work and stole the boss's handbag. How fucking rude!! I'm not a big fan of her's , but I wouldn't wish that on anybody. She had all hers, her husbands and company credit cards, company keys, car key and house keys in there along with all the usual stuff. She was in a right mess, and when she rung the old bill, they just said there was nothign they could do and just gave her a crime number for the insurance...cunts!!

Its been raining again for most of the week, and we've had some monster thunder storms go over. The roads have been awfull to drive on, and now there are a shit load of potholes about.

Anyway, If off to play more word games. 


Monday, 11 June 2007

Busy busy busy

It's still fucking busy at work at the moment, are we are still being told we are running at a loss. The trouble is ( i think ) is that the company has been rnning in the dark ages for a long time, and the money is just being spent to bring it up to speed. It's getting there though. We are getting more staff, which is what we need really. Sometimes there's just not enough staff to cope with the work, so its sitting on the shelf for ages.

Anyway, today as I was driving round London I stumbled across a big house in Little Venice with a blue plaque on it, turns out it's where Arthur Lowe who used to be in Dad's Army used to live. further on up the road in Primrose Hill, I pulled up at a set of traffic lights next to a taxi, and cereal wife Ulrika Johnson was in it!! I smiled and she gave me a little wave...ahhh.

What the fuck is happening with the weather? Its sunny and hot one day the cold and wet the next. Saturday was awfull, it was really really humid here, and with the lung damage I got when I had pneumonia, I couldn't breath when I was down the town. In the end I came home because I thought I was going to have an asthma attack. I keeped the fan on all night in the bedroom, on to wake at 4 in the morning fucking freezing and dying for a piss!!

Didn't do much ( anything ) Sunday, just mooched around the house waiting for the motor racing to start. Lee was at rehearsals for his show, so I had the house to myself. I did do some seriously loud guitar playing though, I learnt how to play T.V. Crimes by Black Sabbath..all by ear aswell! Anyway, rookie boy Lewis Hamilton won his first race after only 6 races since coming up from formula 3...she fucking great.

Anyway, thats about all thats happened.

Hope your all well.

Monday, 4 June 2007


So the whole of last week was mostly a washout. What a general fuck up and a bore that was. Lee and me just spent the days cooking eating and drinking.

Work is busy again,but we've had people on holiday and the work has been backing up and peoplw have been moaning about not getting they're stuff. I had a fucking good run in with one of the top managers which nearly resulted in me quitting. It was pettyness and she was trying to bulling me into doing something, and I wasn't having any of it. My manager sorted it though and it's all happy family's again.

I see that Pond Life ( Big Brother ) 8 has started again. What a huge pile of bollocks it is..I mean really. Twins that are annoying a fuck, a load of random kids who should know better ( one of them classing " Becoming a Wag " as a fucking job ) some old ripper of a school teacher and some fat old Bi sweaty lesbo who still thinks it's the sixties and goes on demo marches..GROW THE FUCK UP!! Now they've put in a lad who is well up his own arse and not even fit. From now on I'm going to try and not watch the pile of shit..if Alan Smith had gone in then that would have caught my interest! ( even for a Man United player )

It was the Dickens festival over in Rochester over this weekend. Saturday was roasting hot , so it brought loads of people down. Loads and loads of fit people with they're tops off, so naturally I wandered around perving..I mean window shopping.

The old lady has been away for the week in Wales with my sister and her kids for a week. Unfortunatly they broke down on the way home  Saturday night on the M25, so I had to race round the motorway to pickup the kids and dogs as no one knew how long the tow truck would take and its not the safest place to be. My little good smaritan bit for the month. 

I went to the hospital today for my 3 monthly check up. Thing are getting better. My choleserol is fine, as is my sugar level ( both are remarkable considering the amount of shit I eat ) my viral load has gone down to under 40 counts ( fucking stunning ) and the CD4 count has gone upto 270 ( the highest its ever been ) I got bollocked for a bit over weight though, but I can deal with that. Best set of results in 4 years!!

Pictures this time ( with that fucking annoying feature they use now ) are..Mr Woo pretending to be Yassah Arafat, Rochester the other day, Looking over the river to where I live, A funny as fuck compant I found I Harrow North London called Gayways. ( why they called it that though fuck knows ) and a van I was following which was from a company called Munters ( which is now slang for fuck ugly person )

Hope your all well, and i'll stop by all your journals ( except Scot and Gaz who dont have one ) Appology..Gaz has..sorry mate