Sunday, 31 July 2005

All up in the air

Its been a long shitty week at work. We have no work so I spend most of my 10 hour shift doing nothing. Friday I did 2 hours work all day!!. I know it sounds good but it does get boring. We are having a system change over this weekend, so when I go back i'll have to totally relearn my job..great!!

Ive been really tired this week so I haven't really done much. I went out for a drink with Antony Friday night, which was good, but I got very drunk very quickly..haha

Monday, 25 July 2005

Back to normality

Now that I've got the holiday stuff out the way I can get with my normal bullshit journal.

Its a bit frightening at the moment living in this country. We had the bombings while I was away, and again last week but they failed to go off. It transpires this morning that they have foiled another attempt to do some more bombings. What is strange is that is British muslims doing it. What the fuck is wrong with these people!!! Its true what I read once, that religon is the cause of nearly every war. Its frightening really.

I was ( am ) really concerned for Lee as he spends a lot of time in London now with his new boyfriend Dave. Dave appartntly missed the 7/7 bombings by 5 minutes. Lee knows I'm worried about him being up there and had said he will be carefull.

Me myself am giving London a wide birth for a little while. I dont fancy being blown up by some looney cunt anytime soon.

Sunday, 24 July 2005

Day 14

Home time today. The flight left on time at least and it was reasuringly dull when we back to England. Home sweet home!!!

Its been a great holiday with someone that I love ya Ant xxx

Day 13

We didn't do alot again today, we packed and got ready for home which was a bit sad. It's been a great holiday, but its always nice to go back to the reality of home.

We seemed to have adopted a couple of cats, El Scorchio and Potatas Frittas. What a couple of old queens we are.

Tonight we went back down to the beach bar to say goodbye to our friends at the bar. They were friendly and even brought us a beer. What a great last night.

Day 12

Did nothing today but watched films on the movie channel. The reason for this is that we are both poor and are watching the last of our euro's so that we have enough food. I think we'll be ok.

Day 11

Today we got up and went to see if we could hire some quad bikes for the day. Some dumb cock forgot his driving license so we scrapped that idea and went on the bus to Pueto Rico to have a go on the jet ski's. They were expensive and you were resticted as to where you could go, plus you only had 20 minutes on them.

Antony saw a speed boat and we enquired how much that was going to cost. It was the same price as a jet ski, but you got it for an hour and you could go where the fuck you wanted on it. Antony drove it and it was great bouncing about in the open sea speeding about on this thing. The fun part was taking off over the wake of the bigger boats. Great day.

Day 10

Today was the day of all days. We got to the cattermaran just after 9.30, we set sail just after 10 and we sat on the back of the boat with our feet dangling in the water.

We sailed up the coastline until we got to a secluded bay where we all went for a swim. I hate deep water and cant swim to well, so they put a life jacket on me so that I could still go in.

We had some lunch then moved on because it was radioed to us that there were some dolphins about. It was tryely magical watching them swim past in the wild.

We sat on the back steps of the boat on the way back. It was very peacefull and Antony was sat between my legs ( nothing rude people!!! ) it was very romantic. ( puke ) Antony absolutly hammered the free bar and was pissed up by the time we got back. I've put him to bed so he can sleep it off.

It turns out that our guide for the day is a drag queen, so we went to see him tonight. It was good and Antony got even drunker, I was there to look after him though.

Day 9

Today we got up and got a bus to Las Palmas which is the capital city. It was a typical Spanish town with brightly coloured houses and shops. The only thing wrong with the place was that it stunk to high heaven. I dont know what it was but it was nasty. I also got very stressed out in Burger King when the woman did'nt understand me. M y fault though I think, I was just being an ingnorant Brit.

Tonight we went out to a very nice but overpriced restaraunt. The food was stunning though.

After that we went and played crazy golf which was great fun. We came home early as Antony has got some blisters on his feet and they were sore.

Day 8

After a very early start, we met up with the jeep safari, which took us up into the mountains. This was ok when the roads were tarmac, but when they turned into dirt tracks it was scary. The roads were barely passable in some places and there were some huge drops either side of us. Antony was very scared.

After some lunch we made our way to the camel safari. This has got to be the most bizzare thing I've ever done.Very funny though.

Tonight we went to the Yumbo center which is supposed to be the gay night life of Gran Canaria, but the place was really un inviting and a bit shit really, so we ended up going to a bar on the prominade next to the beach. There was loads of entertainment, with a fire breather, a clown and a couple of guitar players.We stayed there all night and they were really nice to us and making us feel welcome. Great night.

Day 7

Thought of the day..

Of all the things I value most in life

I see my memories and feel they're warmth and know that they are good

Day 6

I've just got up and for once there are some clouds in the sky, not to many but enough to give a litle restbite from the blazing sun. I dont think we have much planned for today, just being lazy.

We've done fuck all all day really. It was far to hot to go out, so we waited until later then went for a swim in the pool.

Tonight we went for a walk to Maspalomas ( where the big hotels are ) just to have a nose about. We got sown to the beach and decided to walk back through the water back to Playa da Ingles. I think we must have walked about 7 miles or so. My feet are aching but it was fun.

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Day 5

Today we went to a huge water park up in the hills, which was such great fun. The only problem with the place was that the floor was red hot and you had to keep running from slide to slide to stop your feet from burning.

We went back to the restaraunt tonight, which is a stunning place with great food. After that, we went for a little walk then came home and went to bed.

Day 4

I think today we are going to see if we can find my camera. I'm such a cock for leaving it on the boat. Antony wants to go on a jet ski..the boys going to kill me!!

We didn't do the jet ski thing as it was far to hot and Antony's legs we burning up. We went looking for the camera but could'nt find it. Never mind.

We stayed in tonight and had a good chat over a bottle of vodka on the terrace.

Day 3

Rotten hangover today. I'm sitting in the garden drinking some nice chilled water and watching the people go down to the pool. Unfortunatly there are some women with they're bristols ( tits ) out, which is great to look at if your straight, but not for me thank you.

We went into Puerto Rico this afternoon to have a look around.They had loads of pleasure craft there like cattermarans and glass bottomed boats. We went on one that was a boat, but had a compartment that was under water that you could sit and watch the fish. The fish were stunning and swimming right next to the boat. The sea was bit rough and after a little while I started to get really sea sick. I was trying to keep my chin up and not tell Antony, but little did I know that he felt just as sick!!

When we got off like a dumb cock I left my video camera on the boat, so we are going back tomorrow to see if they have or someone has nicked it. I'm such a twat!!!

In the evening we went for a walk into town and along the beach. It was loverly to sit on a sun lounger and look up at the stars. It was still hot at that time of the night. Truely magical!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Day 2

Today we got up at around 10am and we went out to find a bank to get some money. We went to the beach this afternoon and played in the sea. The waves were huge and we got a nice tan.

This evening we went for a loverly meal in a restaraunt just round the corner form our appartment. We have been drinking most of the day and we are both a bit pissed up. Tonight we went back out to the Yumbo center, which is a shopping center by day and is the gay night life area by night. Confusing huh?. We got right royally wasted then caught a cab home to go to bed.

Day 1

We got to the airport very early ( 4.30am ) for our 9am flight. Its now 10am and we are still here!. Ant has been awake since 7am yesterday and I've had 4 hours sleep, pissed off is an understatement!

After quite a time we got notified that we would have a 7 hour delay in total and would be taking off at 4pm. Antony has just decided that its time for a pint...good idea.

We finally arrived at our hotel at 10pm. The appartment is great with 2 storys. We gave a balcony upstairs and a nice garden and patio downstairs.

First day back at work

Well I'm back from my hols and it was great. I'm going to do the boring task of writing it all down on here what we got up to with the accompanying pictures.

Im very relaxed now and it was great to spend time with Antony. We did a lot of talking and really getting to know one another deep down..things have progressed lets just say that!

Friday, 1 July 2005

Last day at work

Well this is the last day at work beofre my holidays and I cant wait to get it over and done with and into holiday mode. I've got a load of things to do over the weekend, then its time to take stock, recharge my battery's and chill out with Antony.

I'm going to take a pad with me and jot down things that we do so that I can write them down on here when I come home ( I can hear you all growning!! fucking boring holiday story's with shitty photo's.....yes well fuck it its my journal!!! )

I'll try and make another post over the weekend but if I dont, happy 4th of july all my American friends, just think, when you wake up in the morning, I will be on a plane to a hot little island. Love you all xxxxxxx