Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Charity Concerts

On Saturday night, I went with my friends Phil, Nick and Mark to see Lee in a variety show he was doing in aid of cancer research. His best freinds Mum had suddenly dies from it last June, and his friend had decided she wanted to do a concert in her memeory and raise money. It was sort of cobbled together, and as usual some people said they would do it then pulled out at the last second ( cunts ). There was a lot of opera in it, which I hate,  but it was good, and they managed to raise over £700 in total, which was a good effort.

Not done much else really. If I remember anything i'll post during the week. Hope your all well. x

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Blue Plaques

On Monday I didn't have that much to do, so I had a bit of a site seeing drive through central London on the way between drops. If you ever go to London, especially the centre, keep a look out for blue plaques up on some of the buildings. They are basically just marking where famous people used to live. The odd one that I found the other day was between Claridges ( hotel and home to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant )and Bond Street. One  building had a plaque on it  saying that  Handel had lived and died there in 1758, and directly next door, there was a plaque saying Jimi Hendrix live there from 1968 - 1969.

It thought it was quite funny, 2 different musicians from 2 different eras and genres living next door to one another. As I say, if you go up to London,look up and check the bulidings, you never know what you might find out.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Keeping on


I found some of these on Moonpig.com. Very good site for cards.

Anyway. Work has been ok, nothing really much to stress me out. Nick is still there and looking better as the days go by. We are catching up after the christmas holidays, which is just aswell as it's going to go fucking potty soon.

Lee has finally managed to get a part time job in a travel agents. He was getting very depressed having no  money, but it seems to be very hard to get part time work that can fit in with his college studies. It takes a bit of pressure off of me aswell as I've been supporting him with money.

Saturday night we went down to Julia's house so that her and Lee could finally meet. They've e-mailed each other loads of times but never actually met. Her boyfriend was there, as were her daughter and son in law. I was designated driver unfortunatly, so I had to sit there while everyone got pissed up. It was a good evening though. I think we are going to do it again soon.

Hope everyones well.


Saturday, 5 January 2008

Belated Happy New Year

Happy new year everybody!! I hope it all went well for you. We stayed in as Lee had the flu really badly, so for once no hangover..lol. Christmas was loverly with the family, I got a really nice Fender 12 string acoustic guitar from my Mum. I've not stopped playing it since.

I was on holiday between christmas and new year, which I spent relaxing and chilling out a bit. I went back to work Wednesday just gone, and to my delight we've got a 22 year old fit lad started and I had to train him...gutted!!!..lol. He's a loverly lad and he's a nice piece of eye candy for me! He's doing the packing job, which for the last couple of months has been giving me loads of grief, as a lot of it was left to me to sort out aswell as doing my own job. I think that's why I was so pissed of with the place before christmas. We'll see how Nick goes on, but from how he's been this week, I think he's going to be ok. Natalie has given me another job to do on the computer. She's trying gradually to get me into the office. Hopefully I may be in there by April, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway..hope your all fit and well.