Saturday, 29 July 2006

Back From Holidays

Well Antony and me have just got back from a really wonderful week away in Blackpool. We went to a lot of different towns and theme parks aswell. What I'm going to do is put up little things for each day with the pics. Nothing got taken monday though as I didn't take my camera out...what a twat!.

Its been a really good fun week though, I managed to fuck the last night up by being a knob though. I have great skill at this it seems

Monday, 17 July 2006

Its always the little things in life

Its always the little things in life that can put a little smile on your face. This morning I was driving through Whitechaple in the shithole East End of London, and I was feeling pretty grumpy at the time. Its amazingly hot today and it was worse in London. Anyway's, the phone rings and it was Antony, he had just rung me to tell me he loved me. We had a little chat and talked a bit about our holiday next week. When we finished the call, I was over the moon that I had just spoken to him, and that he was thinking of me. It changed my mood straight away and made me really happy.

Its amazing what a phone call can do!

Friday, 14 July 2006

You Tube.

Has anyone else come across the web site called You Tube? Its fucking great. I've found loads of music videos on there that I have'nt seen. My favorite at the moment is a recent bit of video of Pete Townshend smashing his guitar up at Yokohama stadium. There is also a great video of him and Keith Moon being inteviewed on American breakfast television. Keith is sort of owning up to having troubles, and its so sad. Im a year older than he was when that was filmed, but he looks at least 10 years older than me.

I've had a really good evening tonight. I went to my sisters with the dogs, and my nephew was having a BBQ with some of his friends. I got ( am ) quite pissed up with my sister. Great fun..I loved it

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

No Problems

Works going ok still, the boss lady is letting me get on with things and sort my own routes out and choose what I want to take. They are a great bunch aswell, a really good laugh.

On Saturday, Antony and me went for an all day drinking session in Maidstone. We started at 11.30 am and finished at midnight. We were both really wankered at the end of it though. We met up with Matt and Kelly during the day, and with my mate Rob and his girlfriend. I've not seen Rob since I left Safeways 6 months was good to see him again.

Sunday we went to the natural history museum in London. The place is huge and has some really cool stuff in it. We didn't manage to get round all of it, but seeings as its free, we are going to go back and have a proper look round it. We went to Harrods aswell to have a good look round. We found some caviar that was £2500 ( $5000 ). I would never pay that for a load of fish eggs.

Anyway. 1 week till holiday. We aren't going abroad, but it will be nice just to get away together and have a good time.

I cant wait