Monday, 26 March 2007

Pulled by the Rozzers

Today was an odd one. I had just driven past Big Ben and turned on the embankment when I was stopped by the rozzers. They got me out the van and asked a load of questions, they looked in and under the van, asked me more questions then let me go. I look at the sheet they had given me, and it said one of the reasons I was pulled was because I had " Articles of Terrorism"!!!. That meant I had 2 mobile phones and a sat nav on show, and I was driving a lease hire van through a government security zone. I was aloud there though.

Cracking weather today aswell though, as you will see by todays photo's which are, Big Ben and the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington.


Saturday, 24 March 2007

Piss Takers

Fucking piss taking bastards the Halifax bank are. They bounced a direct debit the other day for £9.97. For the privalage they have charged me £67!! Thieving fuckers, how is representative of the debt? Im going to have a chat with them during the week to try and sort it out, if they wont budge then I'm going to have a go at taking them to court over it.

Works been ok this week. Its been freezing again with snow and hail..welcome to the first day of spring!! I've taken out a shit load this week, as the schools wanted they're invoices before the end of the tax year next week. It should quieten down an bit in the next few weeks hopefully. Its Easter the week after next, so at least we'll have a couple of 4 day weeks. This is the first easter I've had off in the last 15 years. The retail world doesn't recognise it so I've always had to work all over it before.

Photo's this week include Tower Bridge, The Tower of London with the round tower which Henry VIII kept Anne Bolin prisoner in. The 2 Earls Court arena's which have played host to many of the worlds top bands, and Freddie Mercury's front gate to his old house. Its still be desicrated by tosser tourists who have no respect for other people's property.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Kareoke tracks

Is everyone settled? Then I shall begin.

I've been trying some new songs to do on the next kareoke night ( that I SHALL  go to ). Waiting for an Alibi by Thin Lizzy is looking doable for the rock track of the night, but I hit across an unusual choice for me, slow song , great meaningfull lyrics and very soft. Its in a quite high register but I can do it. I'm not saying what it is as it will spoil the suprise for a couple of people, but if I dont get too pissed up before singing it, then it should be good.

I've been trying for weeks to master the guitar solo for Black Rose by Thin Lizzy and I've managed it. It's not perfect but I can get throught it and it sounds good. I learnt it by ear aswell!!

I've finally got my new van at work. Its great, certainly a big difference from that old shitter I've been using the last 7 months. Work is going ok. Things have got better since Natalie has taken over running the back room. Lindsay ( its not my job ) is a little less stressed, but is still the first on hand to try and deflect any on coming shit away from herself and onto...well anyone really.

I had a working site seeing tour of London the Monday. It wasn't intentional but it just as I was driving round. I found Sarm West studio's where Iron Maiden recorded they're last couple of albums, and Queen have recorded in there, the Roundhouse theatre in Camden next to the market, which is an old concert hall. I want to try and find the old Rainbow theatre again so I can get a photo. I've not been past it since the first Monday I started this job, and I cant remember where it was. I know its on the borders of Camden and Finsbury Park though. I seem to find myself around Arsenal's new ground a lot though...fucking hate the team!!  

Lee and me are still going strong I'm pleased to say. We've spent the last couple of weekends in though, just chilling and watching telly. I think this is the first month for ages that I've not run out of money. We both get paid next week so I think we'll be out on the town one night next weekend.

Sermon over.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Sunday, 4 March 2007


Whoops I forgot to post an entry last week. Anyway, I got paid which was most welcome, and last Saturday Lee and me went to London for the evening. We went to my favorite wine bar in Covent Garden..£60 on a bottle of pink champagne and £20 a pop for a bottle of wine, we didn't drink very

Work was horendously busy this week. It wasn't helped by a huge crash on the motorway on Wednesday morning which resulted in me being 2 hours late for work. I wasn't the only one mind. It wasn't worth going out on my round so we abandoned it. I had to do it on Thursday with soppy Matt picking up a few that I had to do in east London.

I've been really tired this weekend. I went out with Lee Friday night which I dont think has helped. I dont normally go out on Fridays because I'm normally to fucked after the week at work, it didn't help that we went to Ikea yesterday. I hate the place with a passion, and it was packed out and hot in there. We had a good meal indoors last night and just spent the night watching telly.

Which is pretty much what I'm doing today. Just relaxing...