Monday, 24 December 2007


Just thought I'd do a quick entry to say a Merry Christmas to you all... so Gaz, Scott, Jeff, Larry, Jenny and anyone else. I hope you all have a great christmas and a happy new year..and one day I hope to meet you all!!



Thursday, 13 December 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!

It's my birthday today..I'm 35. As my wonderfull boyfriend has put it " Your not over the hill yet darling , but your close enough to the top of it to have a fucking good look!! " Bastard!!

I went to the hospital last week for my 3 monthly MOT. My viral load is down at 40 ( fuckign brilliant ) and my CD4 count is 360..thats another 20 up on last time. Cholesterol is fine , suger level is fine, liver and kidneys all working well. I'm pleased really as I've been a bit bad with what I've been eating and drinking..but hey..all seems ok.

Last night ( 12th ) I went to see Thin Lizzy at Folkstone Leas Cliff Halls. Absolutely brilliant gig it was. They played The Boys Are Back In Town and all the usual stuff. John Sykes, who is playing guitar and singing with them is fucking brilliant!! He does this thing on the guitar , which I'm going to try and do later on on mine. My left ear is ringing last a bastard as I stood n front of the P.A. again...and I wonder why I've got Tinnitus!! . I got a plectrum that was thrown into the audience aswell...thats gone up next to the one I got from Phil Cambell of Motorhead last year. Great venue is Folkstone. It's only 40 minutes from home, and the place is tiny, so no matter where you stand you can see.

Anyway..I'm off for a little beer and some wine...Well it's after mid-day at least!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Not as Grumpy

How the devil are we? I'm better this week , I'm still having little grumbles at work about things , but on the whole it's been better, apart from today when I was asked to cancel my holiday over my birthday..they got told no!

Lee and me are going to Rochester Cathedral tomorrow night for the World Aids Day service. It's sticks in my throat a bit going because the Bishop Of Rochester is  a homophobic prick who wouldn't have it there if he had his way. I got pissed before I went last year..I wont be doing that again, as I was dying for a slash half way through and I was freezing cold. It is very sad though , thinking about the people who have died and knowing I'm going the same way. Still...chin up though.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Utter Cunts!!

Well excuse me while I get well and truely shafted by work. Natalie called me in the office yesterday and explained that it was all going ahead with my moving into the office, but I will have to take a £1500 pay cut and have to wait till fucking April!! Utter cunts!! My face must have given away that I was a bit fucked off as she asked if I was ok. To which I replied " What do you fucking think? What a load of old bollocks! " She looked stunned and reminded me that we have a polite and professional at all times policy at work. I was past the point of caring and told her to stick her course up her shitter and I didn't want to do it. She told me to go and think about it..which I have done...I must write my notice out....fuck best get a job first!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends..hope you have a good one!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Changing Jobs

I know it's been a while since I filled this in but it's been a busy time. Work has been up in the air with another 2 people leaving, thus leaving us short. Marie who used to do the packing was due to retire anyway, but she had to go early as she had just been told she had breast cancer and had to have an emergency operation. She's ok now and they caught it early and they reacon it wont come back , which is good . She didn't tell any of us about it and carried on as normal before she went, which I thought was amazing. I would have been in pieces.

On another job front bit, I'm coming off the road soon and going into the office to work in there. The aches and pains aren't going away so after a chat with my boss it was decided I could change rolls. I cant wait really, I love being out on the road, but it can be a drag and when it's cold I ache like hell. I'm doing a NVQ course in business and administration, which as I assured Lee, isn't a course to be an receptionist...cunt!!!

Anyway, that's boring old me for the last couple of weeks.
Oh here's a good recipe for gravy.
Gravy granuals, or Bisto and a stock cube, mixed with a little can of red wine that you cab get in Tesco's, then add a chopped onion up and put that in and bring it to the boil, simmer for a couple of seconds the poor it over your Sunday roast beef and eat...its loverly!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Its got bastard cold hasn't it. Twice this week I've had to scrape frost off the car in the morning. I don't like the cold at all, I'm much more of a summer lad, i love to get my shorts on and go out.

Anyway not much has happened again, I've been to look round a few university's with Lee for his course next year. He's going into teaching, which is something he's wanted to do for ages but never got round to it. It's a five year course he's got to do. Fuck that I don't think I could. I'd twat one of the little fuckers!

Has anybody else got into Facebook yet? It's annoyingly addictive, but  in a silly way it managed to get a couple of my cousins to say hello to each other and they didn't even know they were related! I've also got back in touch with a lad I was best friends with when I was 5 or 6.

Here's a pic that was sent to me the other day that was taken at Manchester pride march. I think the meaning was right , but the way they wrote it was very very wrong!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

A lot Happier

After a little break from a lot of things, I'm a lot happier. I've got a lot of things sorted at work and I've come to grips that the pain I'm getting is just one of the things I'll just have to put up with. Things could be a lot worse.

I've not done much, but I have been kind on engrossed in Facebook. Very sad I know but I think its great. It's a funny thing though, as through this I've come out to a couple of my Lee has added that we are in a relationship on it, so I dont think it would be hard to see. They've not said anything though.

Anyway its Saturday am I'm just going to take it easy and watch England play in the football, then watch England play France in the rugby this evening. I don't think we are going to win, but you never know!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I feel very tired and down today. This has been creeping up for a couple of weeks. Work is exhausting me. I keep getting cramp in my lower back and in my hands. I've asked the doctor about this and he said it's part of the illness and get on with it. He did recommend a change in job though. He says I should get an office job. I've never done one before wouldn't know where to start.

It's hard fighting this illness sometimes, it's taking everything out of me at the moment. Nobody really understands it, I look ok so I must be ok.

What was it someone said...Stop the World, I want to get off.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Led Zeppelin

Well well well, Led Zeppelin are going to reform for one charity gig. I ( along with over 20 million over people ) have entered the pre application stage of getting tickets. With only 18,000 tickets up for grabs I'm not to hopeful for one, but you never know do ya?

Nothing much has really happened in my boring dull existance, oh apart from my latest blood results. My viral load is 42 ( fucking good! ) and my immune system count is over 300!! Thats up from last time's high of 172. I'm well chuffed with that, it's never been that high.

All in all..not to bad.


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Man Day!!!

I've been to Donington Park ( home of the Monsters of Rock Festival ) race track today for a MAN DAY!!! Lee had got me a free ticket through his job for the Renault World Series so I thought it would be rude not to. I didn't realise how far up the country Donington was, but I made good time and got up there in 2h.10. It's near Alton Towers which is normaly a 4 hour drive from here , but thanks to my new speed machine I did it in half that.

There was a Fomula 1 car there doing an exibition ( which was fucking noisy!! ) some World Series races, Megane and Clio races. There were some old Renault cars about and some old De-Loreans there ( you know..the Back To The Future car? ). Anyway it was good fun.

As a bonus, on the drive home I listened to the football on the radio and we spanked Isreal 3 - 0...perfect man to get drunk!!

I'm going to have a go at putting a couple of vids up from today. You know how shit AOL is sometimes so I dont hold my breath that they'll work.





Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Well What A Week

Well well well. Lyndsay ( Wiggy, Dogs piss perfume ) has given in her notice. I dont have much time for her as she was a total cunt to me when I first started.


So I mean this from the bottom of my heart!

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Sorry Everybody

First of all,a big sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks, and a big thank you to Cubbycub for the e-mail asking if I was ok. That was very sweet of you mate x

Anyway. The weather has been pretty good the last couple of weeks so I've been out in the new car a lot. I've scared myself a couple of times in it, and I learnt pretty quick that its not big or clever to turn the traction control off in the wet.

We went to London again the other night and it was really dead. I thought it would be packed out being bank holiday weekend, but it was empty. Not complaining mind, at least you could get to the bar and get a drink without any problems.The rest of the weekend I just relaxed, as its going to be a mad couple of weeks at work with the kids going back to school and all.


So anyway, I'm pretty healthy and I've just been out having fun while the weather lasts, because you just know thats its going to turn shit again soon.

Thank you to Larry also, who's been sending me postcards from around the world. I'm getting very jealous.

Monday, 13 August 2007

New Car

I didn't get the coach driving job ( wankers ), but I have received my cash card.

This is my current car

Its a plane old Mini one. Loverly car, I had it about 18 months now.

This is my new car!

It's a Mini Cooper Sport with a dirty great Supercharger strapped to it. It goes like shit off a shovel!!. I pick it up Friday, so I'll robably get done for speeding by Sunday!!

Here are a few pic's from a riverboat on the Thames that I took the other week, before I was sick down myself!!


Oh and this one just for the hell of it.

Its got to hurt!!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

...and Still No Card

Still no card has arrived and I've been getting shitty with the bank. They have blamed everybody I think, including the postal strike which was only 1 day. They are now officially CUNTS!!

Lee and me went upto London on Saturday for the afternoon. We stopped of at Greenwich, and got the river boat the rest of the way into town. I took  some photo's of town from the boat which I shall put up soon. We got stupidly drunk as we made our way round Soho, and it ended up with us in The Admiral Duncan, which was the one that got blown up a few years ago. Someone had put a load of Sex Pistols songs on jukebox, which I thought was great for a gaybar and I was singing along at the top of my voice. Lee didn't enjoy In my pissed up state, I thought it would be quite amusing to put Bomber by Motorhead on. Lee came running out of the shithouse, knowing it was me that done and dragged me out the pub, bollocking me on the way that it was a perhaps a touch insensative bearing in mind what had happened there. He's got a point I suppose.

I didn't make things any better for myself. I puked into a McDonalds bag on the way home on the train, then the bottom of the bag fell out and I was puking all down my jeans.

I'm now very very officially in the doghouse!!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Still No Card

Still no fucking card! I went down the bank last Wednesday and they advised me that if it hadn't come by Saturday, then it probably wasn't going to and to go in and order a new one. The girlie at the counter was less than helpfull aswell. I asked her to do a balance enquirey and she was asking what my postcode was, my mothers maiden name, what insurance company I was with, what date I got paid and who by, and the killer question... What is the name of the group that pays Lee's wages in?. How the fuck do I know that? I know what company he works for but no the name what group that belongs to, and because of this she said " Well if you cant answer that, then I cant progress with your enquiry" My response was " Oh do me a fucking favour. I've told you all I know." She started getting really snotty with me until the woman next to her said she new about my card and it was cool. Needless to say, I was fucking fuming when I came out the bank , and kept myself shut away at home till I had calmed down.

So..She's ordered ANOTHER card, which I'm going to have to wait 7-10 days for.

I hate banks..and the bankers that work in them!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Banks R Cunts!!

Ok, so I was the dumb cock that lost his wallet, but that was 2 weeks ago and I've still yet to recieve my new cash point card. First of all the bank told me it would take 7 days to come through, no problem I thought, then that turned into 7 to 10 days, and now 12 days later..FUCK ALL!!. I had words with them today and they said that if I doesn't come by Saturday, then they'll cancel that one and order another one...which will take upto another 7 days. I'm not happy.

Work is pissing my off still aswell. I know its been busy this week with school holidays coming up, but they are taking the piss a bit. I've applied for the job and the coach company and not just because its a 9 grand a year pay rise. The more I think about it the more I fancy doing it. Its continental work aswell, aswell as holidays in this country.

Ho hum, we'll see what happens.

Monday, 9 July 2007


Holiday over

The holiday was loverly. I wont bore you with details and to many photos' but it was roasting hot out there, and average of 114 degrees. We got very burnt and drank loads. Its a loverly little island actually, go visit if you can.

Fucking bombings and stuff again while I was away. I'm glad I went when I did, as Gatwick and the rest of the airports we're fucking murder to get through. It took nearly 3 hours to get through check in and security, just enough time to get a McDonalds and run ti the plane.

The Tour De France came through here yesterday. They closed all the roads off till 2 in the afternoon, so everywhere was dead. I was going to walk down the bottom of the road and watch it but wasn't really that bothered. I wastched it on telly instead.

Back to work today, and I'm in a bit of a dillema. I can go for a job as a coach driver, the money is a lot better than what I get now, and its an eassier job. BUT, the hours are shittier than what mine are now.

I dont know what to do.