Thursday, 30 September 2004

Oh dear god

Its been a really fun day at work today.Craig and me have been causing a great deal of mischief, and have had a fair few naughty breaks aswell.

Im definatly going to have a early night tonight.Im so tired

Night all

Im oh so tired

Im so very very tired this morning. My cousin Mark decided to have a text conversation with me at 3 o'clock this morning.This conflab finally finished at 4.15am. The dogs had me up at 8am to let them out for a wee.Its going to be a long tough day today I least the temps are in!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

For someone special #3

How I wish,

How I wish you were here,

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl,

Year after year,

Running over the same old ground,

But have we found

The same old fears

Wish you were here!

Cryptic Writings #1

Take me through the centuries to supersonic years,

Electrifying enemy is drowning in his tears

All I have to give you, is a love that never dies,

A symptom of the universe is written in his eyes,


Take my hand my child of love come step inside my tears,

Swim the magic ocean ive been crying all these years,

When our love will ride away into eternal skys,

The symptom of the universe, a love that never dies,


Oh my child of love creation, come and step inside my dreams,

In your eyes I see no sadness, you are all that loving means

Take my hand and we'll go flying through the sunshine up above,

We'll find happiness together, in the summer skies above

Funeral Music #1

Heaven can wait,

And a band of Angels wrapped up in my heart,

Will lead me through the lonely night,

Through the cold, of the day

And I know I know,

Heaven can wait,

And all the gods come down here just to sing for me,

And the melody's gonna make me fly,

Without pain, Without fear

Give me all of your dreams and

Let me go along the way

Give me all of your prayers to sing and i'll

Turn the night into the skylight of day

Ive got a taste of paradise

And im never gonna let it slip away

Ive got a taste of paradise

Its all I really need to make me stay

Just like a child again


Heaven can wait

And all ive got is time until the end of time

And I wont look back, I wont look back

Let the alter shine

And I know that i've been released

But I dont know to where

And no bodies gonna tell me now and I

Dont really care

No no no ive got a taste of paradise

and thats all I really need to make me stay

I got a taste of paradise

If i had it any sooner I know

I never would have run away from my home

Heaven can wait

OH heaven can wait

And I wont look back, I wont look back

Let the Alters shine

Cryptic Writings

Ive been thinking today about doing some more things along the line of the " for someone special " series.These one are going to be called Cryptic Writings and Funeral music.I know that sounds macabra, but its going to happen.Cryptic Writings is going to be stuff with hidden meaning's. I do have some funny thoughts when im at work....must be the drugs!!

Dear god I'm tired

Ive been to the doctors this morning, who helpfully told me that im diabetic.He didnt seem to impresse that I already new.He gave me a little chat about managing it and what to eat and what not to eat.Reading the gumpf he gave me, it says an average man should have 21 units of alchahol a week.Dear god, I do that in a night.Not as much as I used to though.I haven't touched a drop for nearly 2 weeks, well impressed with myself!! He does say that half a pint a day is good for your heart..sounds good to me.

I have'nt spoken to my boy today, He's probabaly at work, or still asleep..He's a lazy Bastard.

I hate Wednesday at work..hope the temps are in

Tuesday, 28 September 2004

A better day

Had a good day today at work.I was dropping which i hate with a passion, but i was really busy so I didnt mind much. I had a fair few coffee

Ive got the doctors early in the morning, so I wont be up late.I'll post on here in the morning what he says.

Night all


Its A rainy Tuesday

Well, its a dull Tuesday morning, and ive already been out twice already. Ive been to the hospital ( again ) to pick up some more tablets.Then I came home and took the dogs for a walk..or they took me for a walk i should say.Im just having a quick rest before I go to work.

Been talking to my boy..he seem's in a fine mood today..which im glad about. If he's happy. off for a lie down

Monday, 27 September 2004

Why does it always rain on me?

Well. Ive been quiet for a couple of days because my computer totally gave out.The hard drive went for a burton, so my mate Dale had to re-install everything on a new hard drive from scratch.I think its been giving up the ghost for a while now, because its running well fast now.Ive got a couple of other things to re-install on it..but i'll do that later.

Ive had a fairly good day today. I saw my boy this morning ( Alright Del Boy!! ) and he was bricking it. I had to take him and his boyfriend  to the hospital to have a check up.They're ok thankfully.

Right.. im going to bed

Night all

Saturday, 25 September 2004

Today's thought about me

I know things are going wrong for me

You gotta listen to my words



Heirs of a cold war,

Thats what we've become

Inheriting troubles, im mentally numb

Crazy, but what do I care

Im living with something's,that just aren't fair


Mental wounds not healing

Who or whats to blame

Im going off the rails on a crazy train


Its A Rainy Saturday

Saturday at last!!!! I haven't got anything to do today..or tomorrow for that matter.Its going to be a quiet weekend in respect to the last few ive had.Im just going to chill out and have a rest, listen to some music and probably learn some aswell. Toxic Waltz by Exodus is on my list to learn.

Oh look..motor racing is on!!

Friday, 24 September 2004

Wahoo its Friday

Well at last its Friday. I actually dont like them because they are really boring at work.I wont be doing much hopefully when I get there.

I have'nt got much to say this morning.. i'll see how I feel tonight.

Thursday, 23 September 2004

Over and done

Its been a good day really. Ive had a fair bit of fun at work, which makes a change. I had a good chat with my mate Craig about stuff.

Ive just got a new telly aswell. Ive got a toshiba 32" nicam coming soon.Cant wait. going to bed.


It only gets better

Its been a funny few hours really.I had a really good talk with my best mate last night, and it really helped my mood. We both said a lot of stuff to each other that we have never said before, and I feel now we really know each other.Which I'm really glad about.

Today meanwhile, I went to the hospitol for a check up and found out that I have diabetes.Oh the joy!!!!. Now at least I know why I feel so crappy after a night out on the piss.Ive got more tablets for that which I have to take, along with the tablets im already on. It could be worse, at least I dont have to pay for them.

Ozzy ( on of my little dogs ) is a lot better today. I think he just ate something up the park and it made him ill. Stupid animal.

Right im off to work



Wednesday, 22 September 2004

It always happens to me

Well i was having a fair old day yesterday, but I got home and one of my dogs was really ill, then my computer crashed and now isnt working properly. I got an e-mail this morning saying that ive got a virus on the system and its sending out spam e-mail's.Oh the joy!! I think im going to have to do a complete re-install on it...again!!!

I hope tonight still goes ahead.Im really looking forward to it.

Here we go again!!

For Someone special part 4

Without you, in my life,

Id slowly wilt and die

But with you by my side

Your the reason im alive

But without you without you

I could face a mountain,

But could never climb alone

I could start another day

But how many i just dont know

Your the reason the sun shine's down

And the nights they dont grow cold

Only you that I hold when im young

Only we grow old

Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Tuesday morning

Its bloody cold and windy this morning.I dont like the autumn at all.Snow I can deal with because thats great fun.

Anyway. I'm still really tired this morning, must be the going back to work and actually having to do something for a change. I always need a holiday to get over the holiday i've just had. Im very happy today though..compaired to yesterday.

Thought for the day......

For Someone Special..Part 3

Some people seem so obsessed with the morning,

Get up early just to watch the sun rise,

Some people like it more when there's fire in the sky,

Worship the sun when its high,

Some people go for the sultry evening's,

Sipping cocktails of the blue red and grey,

But i like every minute of the day,

I love every second, as long as you are on my mind,

Every moment has it's special charm,

Its alright when your around, rain or shine.



Monday, 20 September 2004

Turn up for the books

Well, after a completely stressfull, depressing and boring first day back at work, Ive just had the most fun couple of hours out.Im soooooooo tired though.I hate getting old. Ive had one of the best holiday's ever and I just didnt want to go back to work today.I made that obviously clear when there. Im in a fine mood now though, all be it very tired.Im babbling again.

Night dear, and make all your dreams be wet ones.

P.S. New favorite word....FUCKTARD

I hate the morning after

Another Monday and another hangover!! I wasn't going to get drunk last night, but I did anyway.I think I garbled on about it last night. Well its back to work for me today ( oh the joy ) but i've sure had really good fun on this holiday. It was like being 21 again not 31. I might write something tonight when I get in..see how my thought s are today.

Sunday, 19 September 2004

Oh what a night!!

Well what an evening, I wasn't going to get drunk but hey ho. Im so scared its unreal. Im not scared of what I dont know, but what I do.

Tonights thought.

I can learn to resist, anything but temptation,

I can learn to co-exist with anything but this,

I can learn to compromise,anything but my desire,

I can learn to get along,with anything i cant explain


Last day of Holiday

Well I had a fun day yesterday in Brighton.We had a look around the shops, which there was plenty off, got a pint or 2 and had something to eat. I found a fantastic guitar shop which I will be visiting again with loads of money.

In the evening we went to Crawley and played bingo. I t was fun and i got quite drunk.The manager gave us some free drinks and food.I didnt win anything with was a bit of a bummer, but there you go.

Ive got to go back to work tomorrow after my 2 weeks holiday.Ive had loads of fun while ive been off, but I really need to get back to earn some money.

Oh well back to the grindstone.

Friday, 17 September 2004

Good evening

Another day over and done, and thankfully it was better than yesterday. I got told something tonight that i wanted to hear and now im happy.

Tomorrow im off for a day of Bingo in Brighton and then Crawley.I bloody well want to win something.

Continuing on the lyrics theme i was on yesterday, this is a one for those kids in Russia

I was looking at the t.v. news

People everywhere blowing a fuse

People everywhere under the gun

Little kids dying never had much fun

Human beings aint got no brains

Does it matter that your all to blame

Does it matter that your all the same

Here we go again it's the same old game.


Shut up im talking to you

Its on television so it must be true

And i cant play this game no more

Wake up and see it through

Kill the many just to save the few

I know what the blind man see's

On your feet or on your knees

Motorhead / On your feet or on your knees



Oh Well

Well im a lot happier than i was last night it has to be said. Ive spoken to my boy today and all is fine.Im happy. Just having a quiet day today..Well, quiet in the sence that ive had music blaring most of the day and I have been playing along to it on the guitar.I pulled out some good old thrash metal and just went for it.Much fun!!

Right something to eat time, then settle down to watch The Weakest Link. I must be getting old. Oh I am

Thursday, 16 September 2004

For someone special #2

Ah,caught you smiling at me

Thats the way it should be

Like a leaf it to a tree so fine

Ah,all the good times we had

I sang love songs so glad

Always smiling never sad so fine

As we walk down the country lanes

I'll be singing a song hear me calling your name

Hear the wind blowing in the trees

Tell mother nature about you and me.

Well if the sunshines so bright

Or on our way in darkest night

The road we choose is always right so fine

Ah can your love be so strong

When so many loves go wrong

Will our love go on and on and on and on

So of one thing so sure

Its a friendship so pure

Angels singing all around, my boy is so fine

Yeah aint but one thing to do

Thats spend my natural life with you

Your the finest boy I knew so fine

When we're old and our eyes are dim

Aint no old shit gonna happen again

Well still go walking down country lanes

Singing song's and hear me calling your name.

For Someone Special

And so today, my world it smiles,

With your hand in mine we walk the miles,

Thanks to you it will be done,

For you to me are the only one,

Happiness no more be sad

Happiness I am Glad.


If the sun refused to shine

I would still be loving you

If mountains crimble into the sea

There will still be you and me.

totally unreal

Its amazing how a wonderfull day can suddenly turn to crap.There is always someone who comes along and screw up your day.

Another Perfect Day

Feeling good today. I had a fun day im Great Yarmouth yesterday with my mate. The place never changes, its still really camp and 80's kitch. Did the normal tourist thing, played crazy golf, played the arcade machine's, brought rock etc. The weather was surprizingly nice for up there aswell. We went into the winter garden pier for a few jolly's before we came home and ended up watching a really good Carpenters tribute act. They were good aswell. They also did a load of other stuff aswell. No metal though...booo

I think im just going ti have a quiet day today. I'll take the dogs out in a bit and probably try to learn how to play this song im listening to. Its really good I must say.

Anyway.. Have fun all


Tuesday, 14 September 2004


Well..After yesterday morning's hangover from hell, i took myself off for a drive to try and clear my head. Seven hours later I got back home. I was feeling better although not upto food and I had a really good time just driving around.I went down to Margate ( Still a dump ) then went round the coast to Hasting's then home.

I was well tired last night when I got in and this sodding dog was barking constantly most of the night so I was awake for most of it.Im a bit tired this morning but ive not got anything planned for today.Just going to be lazy and play some guitar.

Sunday, 12 September 2004


Well its Sunday morning and im hungover and bored.Still the motor racing starts soon

Saturday, 11 September 2004

well well well

Well,,its September 11th and feel that the evening has just come crashing down around me. Wednesday night it was a Rush concert at Wembley Arena, tonight it was Bucks Fizz at the Gala club in Medway!!! What the fuck happened there then? And i was told that Cheryl Baker was going to be there and she wasn't. The only original member was that Bobby Gee. Ive got to give them credit though. They didnt go on for to long.