Monday, 30 April 2007


Its been a funny couple of weeks full of highs and lows. More highs though thankfully, but something did happen last week that really upset me, but it was all sorted out ok.

I've been working hard as for some reason we are still quite busy at the moment. Might even get a pay rise ( yeah right!! ) We've got a new big contract which means I go to this place up the road nearly everyday as opposed to once a week.

Funny bizzare earthquake happened not to far from here on Saturday morning. I dint think anyone was hurt , but there has been loads of damage. It was 4.6 on the richtor? scale, which isnt a monster, but living in this country, its not something we are used to. Bit scary really that it was only 30 down the road from me.

I went out to London on Friday night with Lee for a piss up, and I got smashed, but I had forgotten that I agreed to go out with my neighbour on Saturday night. I really didn't feel like going, but I felt bad for blowing him out so I went and got smashed again!! Strange old bar it was we went to aswell. There were little rooms in the place, which was set over 3 floors, and there was everything from 80's music to dance and heavy metal going on in different rooms. Great place it was, and they played everything at a huge volume.

Photo's this time are poor Mr Woo in the bath after getting pissed on by a cat, me drunk , deer in Richmond park and the old Rainbow Theatre in London. I've wanted a photo of this place for ages, as its as an iconic old gig venue that is a famous at the Hammersmith Odean. Its been shut a long time and is now a church. Ive got videos of Queen, Iron Maiden , The Who and Thin Lizzy playing here. Its a loverly powerfull building aswell..i love the look of it.


Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Well, Easter was nice. I didn't do much, just relax after the hell month of heavy work we had just done. Lee and me stayed in and cooked and a lot, and drank a rather huge amount of various wines. I took the old lady out on Easter Sunday for a drive round London. She does'nt drive, so any oppertunity to get out she grabs with both hands. The weather was stunning and she said she had a really good time.

The schools have still been on holiday , so its been very quiet on the delivery front the last couple of weeks, not that I mind of course, take the rough with the smooth. It was so quiet last week that I took Friday off because there was no work for me to do. I did go in and take Julia for dinner and our favorite ( cheap ) cafe up the road from work. They do great big quick meals, and it nicely priced!

Lee has been rehearsing on Sunday's for the last couple of weeks for a show he has coming up June. It's called Disco Inferno, set in the 70's obviously and he plays a drag queen bar maid. He always get stressed just before a show so i'm prepairing myself for it.

My bastard dogs went up the garden Sunday and caught a cat up there. Mr. Woo got it before Ozzy got out there and they had a bit of a scrap, unfortunatly, the cat sprayed the boys so they stank of cats piss all Sunday night until we could bath them. Mr.Woo hates being bathed, I'll put the pics up when I can.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying this weather. Cracking isnt it!?

Friday, 6 April 2007

Happy Easter

Strangly for a Easter holiday it's actually sunny and warm.It was looking rough last week after a week of freezing weather, but at least it's sorted itself out.

The change of the clocks really fucked me up for some reason this time. I felt really tired for a week afterwards, but saying that, we were really busy in the last stretch of the financial year. Its calmed down this week though as the kids have been on holiday. Next week is looking quiet aswell thank god.

This is the first time in 15 years that Ive had a proper Easter break. Its so much better not working in retail anymore. I'm just going to chill out these 4 days and recharge my battery's a bit.

So to Scott, Jenny, Cubby , Larry Julia and anyone else that reads this pile of moaning crap, have a great Easter and dont eat to much chocolate!!!