Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Bastard Cold!!

Its freezing cold again!! I hate the winter. I think I said this last year, but I hate the cold the cold but I love the snow, and we seem to be the only county that hasn't had some.

On Monday I went for my first massage, and it was one of the most wonderfull things that I've had done.It was extremely relaxing and he bloke made me feel really relaxed . I will be going again!!

Thursday, 24 November 2005


Its 14 years ago today that Freddie Mercury died of bronchio Pneumonia brought on by Aids. I very nearly ended the same way last year when I had the same thing...i was lucky!!

My thought are of Freddie and his great music...

He is sadly missed

Sunday, 20 November 2005

Screaming Ears

The gig was amazing!! We got there fairly early and my Mum sat upstairs with little Brad, and I went to the front with Andy. We were right up against the barriers at the front of the stage in front of the P.A. After the first 2 bands, Motorhead came on, and the the P.A. screamed into full force and it was so loud. At one point, it was so loud that my teeth were hurting.

After the gig we made our way home, and I could'nt hear a thing out of my left ear, and only a bit out of my right one. I know that sounds bad but it was brilliant. I've always wanted to get the full experiance of them and now I have. They had some really bad sound problems all night, with amps packing up, and the drummer having a problem with his snare drum, but they kept the spirit up and put on a stunning show.

Yesterday I went out with Lee for the day. We decided to go to the pictures for the day. We went to see the new Harry Potter film, and The Exorcism of Emily rose. Both were great films. In between them, we went for dinner at Frankie and Bennies restaurant. Great food there I love the place.

Today I've been to France and Belgium with Antony, Craig and Bridget. We went over on the ferry and drove up the coast for a while, then came back and went to Eastenders the cheap booze place, and fuck me it was cheap. 24 bottles of Budvar for £9 ( $16 ) The best bargain was 24 cans of Pepsi for £4.99!! ( $2.50 )..what a fucking bargain that is. After we got back we went back to they'rs for some dinner.

I'm back at home now, totally exhausted from my hectic weekend...Thank god I'm off tomorrow aswell!!

Friday, 18 November 2005

Motorhead day!!

At last its Motorhead day!! I'm off to see them tonight down at the Folkstone Leas Cliff Halls. The venue is great. Its really small and intimate, and you can see the band wherever you are. I've been to big gigs and small ones in all venues ( Wembley Stadium was a shithole though ) and I much prefere small venues. You get much more atmosphere in the crowd and you can really feel the music. Andy and me have all the intensions of standing next to the P.A. system throughout the gig, but Motorhead are the loudest band around, so I'll see what happens when they come on.

Winter has finally arrived. It's fucking feezing here today. I think its just not far above freezing. I had to get the frost off my windscreen when I left work last night. I hate this weather. I dont mund the snow, because that is fun, but all this cold I hate

Give me the hot sunshine anytime...I need a holiday I think

Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Tribute Bands

I've been a bit sceptical of tribute bands since I saw a band called Magic, who did Queen songs. They were good musically, but they tried to look and act like them and it seemed a bit false. With this in mind, Antony and me went to see a Deep Purple tribute act on Saturday night, and they were brilliant!! They didn't look like them.but they played spot on. First off they did the whole of the In Rock album, with Child in Time on and Speed King. When they came back on for the enchore, they played Burn and Highway Star, which are my two favorite songs. I wasn't sure that Antony would like it, but after a few beers he was headbanging and bopping away like mad. It was such a good night anmd when we left my voice had gone from all the singing, and I was dripping with sweat..great night.

The hangover Sunday wasn't as great though!! I was sick 7 or 8 times in the morning, so I stayed in bed until 4 o'clock. I went to see Antony at work after when I got up and he felt as rough as I did.

Yesterday I went to play golf with Craig. I was crappy this week. I could'nt hit a barn door with the thing. I definatly need more practice.

There is a lad in the news that has had H.I.V. for 3 years, and his body seems to have fort the virus and it has gone. Its quite exciting news, but they are going to have to do lots of test's on him...fingers crossed!!


Friday, 11 November 2005

Cheeky Fucker and The Hatchet Man

Part 1......The Cheeky Fucker!!

Today just takes the piss!! One of my managers thats in charge of trying to save the site has gone to the company with what he thinks is a great plan for them. He has stated that we will be fully flexible across site, work a banked hours week, and ( and this is the good one!! ) we all take a £10,000 ( $18,000 ) a year pay drop!! FUCK THAT!!! Now this man obviously thought that we would be over the moon with his plan to save our jobs, but was a little upset when we laughed in his face and told him bollocks!!. I think he is on a losing battle anyway.

Part 2....The Hatchet Man!!

On Tuesday next week, the hatchet man is coming down to our place. Already this week he has closed one site down. Warrington went Monday or Tueasday this week, and I believe that Bristol has gone aswell. There have been rumours all week that we will be closing earlier than expected, some have been saying the 28th of this month. The thing is, is that they still have to pay us until the official 90 days consutation has finished. This will mean 6 weeks of getting paid full whack for sitting on my arse indoors...i can cope with that!!. After that time we will get our further 90 days notice and our redundancy payed to us. So really I'm not sure what is happening...lets see what happens on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sunday, 6 November 2005

Ritchie Blackmore is god!!

After weeks and weeks of practice, I've finally nailed the solo of Highway Star. Its a funny solo that mixes the chord progressions and scales of Bach and Pagnini, the switch's to a blues scale after the speed picking section. Having listened to a lot of Deep Purple lately and studying Ritchie quite closely, his style is very classicaly rooted, he's just playing it on a guitar as opposed to violins. I can do some of Beethovens 5th on the guitar, and i'm going to try and do some more classical stuff. It'll be hard..but worth it!!!

Plus he's a bit off a show off on the guitar and I like that a lot..see above pic!!

Thursday, 3 November 2005

Meeting of The Minds

We went to the Aids meeting last night and it was better than I thought it was going to be. The bit I really didn't like was at the start when we had to go round the room and say our names. I thought it was a bit stereotypical therapy meeting stuff. Nobody was was really saying much at first, just some small talk, but after some prompting, the group really took off and a lot of issues were disscussed. All in all I think it was a worth while things to go to.I found out about some complimentary treatment I can have, like aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, reflexoligy and massage. I was saying to Craig the other day that I could do with with a massage but said that I was worried about endind up somewhere seedy and that I didnt want the "extras"!! Well, unless it was a buff 22yr old, then I might think about it!!

Its still pissing down with rain and I'm just about getting the arsehole with it. I think its rained everyday here since Monday. It wants to sort itself out for Saturday as Im off to a big fireworks display with my family for my sisters birthday. We went last year and it was was shitty!!!