Thursday, 21 September 2006


I went to the hospital Tuesday to get my latest results, and I'm pleased to say that the doctor has told me tyhat these are the best set of results that I've had in 3 years. I'm well impressed. This is the healthiest I've been ever in my life, everything is working fine for a change.

Monday, 18 September 2006

Who's Who?

My friend Ian and me went to see a band called Who's Who on Friday night.They are a tribute band to The Who and they fucking great!! They played so loudly and the drummer played exactly the same as Keith Moon.I really really enjoyed myself, plus I got stunningly drunk. They played all the hits, plus so stuff from Tommy and Quadrophenia.

I didn't do much on Saturday, I just bummed about doing some housework and watching telly. Mystery man came and stayed with me for the night, which was great.

Sunday was much the same really, its getting near to pay day, so funds are a little tight at the moment, but as it was a sunny day, I took the dogs to a special park which is just open fields that they can run free in. Its really pieceful there aswell, and its a great place to relax and think.

Today was a hard day at work. I did 316 miles today, got stuck in loads of traffic ( soem twat jumped off a bridge on the motorway ) but I got through it all. I found out that Wiggy is being moved from her all important desk to a less important one, which is why she was sucha cunt last week. I've not forgotten time will come.

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Thunder on the Tundra!

Its hot as hell and as sweaty as a rugby players jock strap after a game! Tonight we've had the mother of all storms. The lightning was coming from all directions and the rain was really hammering. I hate storms, but it was something to watch building up.

Work has been ok this week. Lots of little things need doing, and its just getting time to do it all. I've 2 days of big London runs to do before a big run on Monday. Wiggy ( the cunt ) has put something down for Monday that she says has to be there no matter what! I told her I wasn't doing it as I wouldn't have time and she got really really pissed off when I sorted it out and the boss agreed with what was arranged. I really really hate Wiggy, I dont hate people that often, but this woman really makes my shit itch!! We are consantly locking horns, and she's always trying to get me in the shit, but I manage to drop her in it more often than not, that satisfys me a lot. Oh and her new hair o must have been done by Stevie Wonder because it looks fucking awfull.

Bitter? fucking bet I am!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Monday, 11 September 2006

Broken Shitters!!

I sat all nicely last night for a quiet dump and all was well, that was until I filed the paperwork and tried to send it on its way. I flushed away and promptley ripped the shithouse handle off! Oh flush and at that time of the night there was nowhere open to get a new one. I managed to get one today and fit it, and I at last managed to flush away the offending turd! Thank god aswell, the house was starting to hussel up a bit.

I booked some tickets for Motorhead tonight. Im really excited and I didn't expect to go as I cant afford it, but my loverly Mum has paid for them for me..I love

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Quiet Weekend

I've not done much over this weekend really. I stayed at mystery mans the other night, and stupidly I agreed to go clothers shopping with him on Saturday. Never again!!

I've not done a lot today, just rested up and watched some stuff about 9-11 on the telly. It's still shocking to watch it, but I saw a really good documentory about it that was shot by 2 French men who happened to be filming a thing about Ladder1 in NYC at the time it happened. It was amazingly moving.

Thursday and Friday at work were a totally stark contrast to the rest of the week. Infact I think that Thursday was one of the best days of my life that I have worked ever! I was driving through some amazing countryside in loverly weather, and it was really great. I might start taking my digital camera and take some photo's of my trips. I might call it " Life on the Road " I'll get some batterys at it and start next week.

Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Warm Weather and Topless Totty!!

I love the hot weather, there's nothing like driving round with the windows down ( I've got a shitty old van with no aircon ) wind blowing through your hair, and looking at all the topless lads walking down the road...Wonderful!!

I'm not in a pissy mood today, its been a good stress free one. I got my round done easily and looking at the lads cheered me up!

Tonight I went to my monthly Aids meeting. There was the regulars plus 3 new people that came along. They were quiet at first but got into it after a while, and they said at the end that some of the things discussed had helped them. Which is good. One person that went..lets call him A.. has told the same story everytime for the last 5 months, and i swear to god, if I hear it again I will have to selfharm!!

I did find out some really useful information about side effects of the tablets. I now at least know what causes me to be sick when I drink a lot of beer. There's a chemical in pump pulled lagers that has an effect on my Rytonovir. It cause's my bilirubin levels right up, so my liver creates far to much bile and makes me ill. If I have a couple of pints then go onto brandy and coke I'm fine. So that is what I do now.

Sorry if this is digusting, but I've had the shits really badly for the last couple of weeks, this is caused by eating to many dairy products. It makes sense as I've eaten nothing but cheese sandwich's at work for 3 weeks.

Sustiva ( which I used to be taking ) is just evil stuff and should be banned. The side effects are horrific! Suicidal thoughts, extreme behavioral changes and vivid nightmares are just a few. I'm glad I made them take me off of them, they really fucked my head up.

There's loads of other stuff that is all caused by HIV which i get, like dry skin and rash's, aching joints and tiredness, but if you read the whole lot you would kill yourself with depression..buffalo hump...ooooowww!!

I've got 2 days down the coast this week, I've got a big Portsmouth run tomorrow, and a run to Brighton on Friday. Dinner on the seafront then!!


Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Freddie Mercury

I almost forgot. Today would have been Freddie Mercury's 60th birthday, its hard to iamgine that he's been dead 15 years!!



Part Deux!

So today really wasn't any better than yesterday, other than my rental van worked. I encountered every miserable fucking caretaker today, one of them nearly got a a mouthfull off me, he really pissed me off.

My manager ( in her infinate wisdom again ) surgested that I take my car down the van hire firm, so when I take it back I can get my car and go straight home. They decided to keep it another day and have someone help me out. Unfortunatly, she phoned the wrong number and I didn't get the message, so I took the van back only to be told that we were keeping it. She was very sheepish when I got back, especially when I started to moan about my car. I'm supposed to finish at 5, but they didn't take me down there until 10 past, and I didn't get my car until 25 past. I got home just before 6, not a happy camper.

Lets hope tomorrow is better. I dont want to piss and moan in here again!

Monday, 4 September 2006

I've Had An Absolute Cunt Of A Day!

I've had an absolute cunt of a day, to coin a phrase. First off I got a sort of bollocking at work about making a mess the other day in the tea room. The boss knew it was me, I knew it was me, but she couldn't prove it, and I wasn't about to admit to anything. I never admit to anything, unless its good. I reacon somebody grassed me up on Friday evening after I had gone home, and I reacon it came from shit stir corner..It was probably little Hitler, as Wiggy was away, and she is the biggest grass of them all and really fucking hates me. Wiggy by the way has had some highlights put in her hair..its looks like melted ice cream...its fucking rotten, it looks like Stevie Wonder has done it!

Anyway..I digress..after looking sheepish and loading my van up, I jollied off on my route with a little twinkle in my eye ( no im not on drugs ). The day was going well until the battery light comes on the van, and stays on. Oh crap..I'm in north London and the altenator is fucked..great!! I got the last few drops done and made my way back. Its been hot again today and I couldn't have the fan on..i was sweating my bollocks was horrible. I got back and the boss told me to take it to the garage down the road, which I did like a good little boy. It wasn't until I'd walked back that she told me that she had fucked up and I'd taken it to the wrong garage.. ( she's fucking dumb sometimes! ) so I had to go and get it and take it to another garage. They kept ti in and I made her come and pick me up, and there was no way in hell I was going to walk. I dont get paid enough for that. Anyway's, I was late leaving work and caught all the rush hour traffic on the way home.

Bitching aside. On Saturday I did a few jobs round the house and settled in for the evening to watch a few DVD'S. My phone went and mystery person ( come on people think about it!!! ) asked me if I fancied going for a swift pint down the local poof bar. I agreed of course and we met up, realised we didn't like anyone and left. I stayed at his. It was a great evening, and he was great company.

On Sunday I went motor racing with my friend Julia. It was a bit pissy and fucking windy to start with, but the weather changed and it came out hot. I've got a very bizzare wind tan going on at the moment because of it! The racing was really cool, little Mini's, Fiesta's, Ferrari's and some other cars. Only 1 big accident though, but he was ok. I had a great time, I haven't been racing in ages.

See pictures above!!

Lets hope tomorrow doesn't go as belly up as today did

Friday, 1 September 2006


I'm starting to feel like a hypercondriact, either that or I'm just falling apart at the seems.

1. The Aids thing ( my fault I know )

2. Diabetes ( not my fault )

3. The cartaledge is going in my does hurt ( not my fault again )

4. Really bad tinitus in my ears ( my much drums and guitars at stupid volumes. )


See I feel like a right not honestly. Ironicaly, I turn the music up louder because I cant hear it..kind of a vicious circle really.

Not much happened this week, its been a short one with the bank holiday and everything. Next week will be busy at work with the kids going back and everything. Too much to do and not enough time to do it..fuck em, they can wait.