Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Nothing Much Happening

Not a lots gone on in the last couple of weeks. Antony has bee working nights, so I've not really seen him, and everyone else has been busy, so I've had a couple of very quiet and boring weekends.

Work is going well. Im starting to get to grips with some of these regular places that I need to go to. Its certainly a lot easier than the old Ocado job.


Monday, 19 June 2006

Gutted beyond belief!!

Dont you just credit it! I had tickets to see The Foo Fighters and Motorhead at Hyde Park on Saturday just gone, but due to the fact Ocado wouldn't let me have the time off, I sold my tickets. So, I leave Ocado and now have the day off, with nothing to do, and no gig tickets. So what did I miss?

1  I miss Motorhead

2  I miss the Foo Fighters

3  I miss Lemmy from Motorhead singing " Shake your Blood " with the Foo Fighters ( its a fucking great rocking song!! )

4  I miss Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen performing Tie Your Mother Down with the Foo Fighters.

Too say I'm gutted is an understatement!! What a gig that would have been.


Anyway, I started my new job properly today. I was ok, but the traffic is north London was fucking horrendous!! A half hour journey took me 1 hour 50 minutes. I've never seen so many roadworks in my life, and all the shittiest drivers seem to be in London. Arrogant bastards most of them.

Antony has been working hard getting money together, so I've not seen him much. We text and talk on MSN so we can check in with one another. I still love him to bits. He's my little Barney xx

Friday, 9 June 2006


Got the job. I start next Friday. No more working weekends for me!!!!

Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Well Well

Well, yesterday was far from shit. I got an e mail Monday night from a job vacancy website and saw a little job that I fancied. I sent my C.V. through online, and was suprised to get a phone call to attend an interview at my comvenience.

I went this morning to the interview and it does seem like a good little job to me. It's a delivery driving job again, but its Monday to Friday days ( 8-5ish ) and its the same money without all the hassel that goes with my job. No having to be somewhere in a certain hour, and getting shit from customers if your late.

I must have done ok as they have asked me to go in on my day off next week, so I can go out with the current driver to see if I like the job. Sounds very hopefull.

AOL have just upgraded my broadband again. Im now on 7.6MEG.. now that im really happy with!!!

Tuesday, 6 June 2006


                           6 / 6 / 06


So today is the day that satan returns to destroy the world. Well if he comes in the guise of my boss and gives me a shitty route, then I guess it will be true..haha . This day only comes round once every 100 years. It's good to see such a landmark day, its a bit like seeing a new millenium in, your in a certain generation of people that are going to see it.

The weekend was quite quiet really. We went to Matt and Kelly's BBQ on Saturday night. It was very relaxed and good fun. Sunday we went to the coast and met up with his Mum and Dad. The weather has been stunning for the last week or so, and i've definatly got my tan going on.

I've bnot got much planned this week. I can get hold of some tickets for Bon Jovi on Sunday. I'll see how much money I've got in the bank. I saw them bak in the 90's when Van Halen were supporting them. Trouble was, Van Halen blew them off the stage, they were stunning, and I wanted to go home and not bother watching Bon Jovi at all. I didn't enjoy the gig and I'm sort of hoping that if I go again, it will repair some of that. Nickelback are supporting and I dont really like them, so there's no trouble there.