Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Not as Grumpy

How the devil are we? I'm better this week , I'm still having little grumbles at work about things , but on the whole it's been better, apart from today when I was asked to cancel my holiday over my birthday..they got told no!

Lee and me are going to Rochester Cathedral tomorrow night for the World Aids Day service. It's sticks in my throat a bit going because the Bishop Of Rochester is  a homophobic prick who wouldn't have it there if he had his way. I got pissed before I went last year..I wont be doing that again, as I was dying for a slash half way through and I was freezing cold. It is very sad though , thinking about the people who have died and knowing I'm going the same way. Still...chin up though.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Utter Cunts!!

Well excuse me while I get well and truely shafted by work. Natalie called me in the office yesterday and explained that it was all going ahead with my moving into the office, but I will have to take a £1500 pay cut and have to wait till fucking April!! Utter cunts!! My face must have given away that I was a bit fucked off as she asked if I was ok. To which I replied " What do you fucking think? What a load of old bollocks! " She looked stunned and reminded me that we have a polite and professional at all times policy at work. I was past the point of caring and told her to stick her course up her shitter and I didn't want to do it. She told me to go and think about it..which I have done...I must write my notice out....fuck best get a job first!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends..hope you have a good one!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Changing Jobs

I know it's been a while since I filled this in but it's been a busy time. Work has been up in the air with another 2 people leaving, thus leaving us short. Marie who used to do the packing was due to retire anyway, but she had to go early as she had just been told she had breast cancer and had to have an emergency operation. She's ok now and they caught it early and they reacon it wont come back , which is good . She didn't tell any of us about it and carried on as normal before she went, which I thought was amazing. I would have been in pieces.

On another job front bit, I'm coming off the road soon and going into the office to work in there. The aches and pains aren't going away so after a chat with my boss it was decided I could change rolls. I cant wait really, I love being out on the road, but it can be a drag and when it's cold I ache like hell. I'm doing a NVQ course in business and administration, which as I assured Lee, isn't a course to be an receptionist...cunt!!!

Anyway, that's boring old me for the last couple of weeks.
Oh here's a good recipe for gravy.
Gravy granuals, or Bisto and a stock cube, mixed with a little can of red wine that you cab get in Tesco's, then add a chopped onion up and put that in and bring it to the boil, simmer for a couple of seconds the poor it over your Sunday roast beef and eat...its loverly!!