Friday, 31 October 2008


I started my new taxi driving job on Monday morning. There's a lot to remember whith learning all the roads and stuff, but I'm enjoying so far. It's been quiet this week as the kids are on holiday, but I've not done bad for my first week, next week I can really hit it.

What is happening with this odd weather?. It's been really cold all week, and so far I've seen  rain, hail, sleet and snow. Last night we had sleet snow and a thunderstorm, and it was bitterly cold. Even now at 4.30pm it looks like the end of the world has just begun. I hate the winter.

I suppose tonight I've got to put up with the bastard trick or treaters knocking the door. I never normally answer, but the constant knocking does annoy me. ( Does that make me sound like a grump?

At least tommorow is the big bonfire amd fireworks up at Gillingham park. Thats normally a laugh, and at least it's free!!

Right I'm off for a nap.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Morning Loves

Welcome to my new blog. Thank's to Gaz for putting onto this site.

Well anyway, news part 1 is I've got a job at last!! Not the most glamorous of jobs but I'm going to be a taxi driver. It's been really tough to get anything at all really, even the agencies are quiet. I start on Monday for 6 weeks of training and in which time I've got to have a medical and pass the knowledge test. I'm pleased, thats a real relief to have got something at last.

Queen and Paul Rodgers at the O2 was incredible!! I managed to get the front of the catwalk so I had a really good view when they came down it. I couldn't believe it when Roger Taylor was doing a drum solo 10 feet in front of me. The set was good, the staging was stunning and I wish I could have got to see more of the gig's round the country. I might try and get tickets for the O2 November show, but The Who are doing 2 intimate shows for fanclub members only, so I don't know if I should get tickets for that ( they go on sale Friday )..I might need to borrow some money.

Anyway's, have fun all and get all your blogs sorted!!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

When Does This Shit finish?

Right girls and boys strap yourself's in..this has been my mad last 6 weeks.

Firstly, Natalie at work got really funny with me after I came back from holiday and pretty much told me that I couldn't do what I had been doing for the last 2 years, which was communicating with the other members of staff about what was going to be delivered that week and what wasn't. She also brought up the fact that I was supposed to be starting at 7.30 and not 8 in the morning. I said that was a load of old bollocks and why has it taken 2 years for it to become an issue, this strangly she couldn't answer. The long and the short of it is I handed my notice in, I thought that the 4 weeks notice would give me time to find something else.

Secondly, I was promised a job so I didn't really look that hard over the next few weeks as I thought it was all cool, but, while I was training my replacement I got told by the comapny that they had over prescribed the job and that they didn't have a place from me anymore! FUCK!!!!!!!!. So now I'm unemployed and right royaly fucked! I've signed up to a load of agencies trying to set some money in, but with the current climate it's slow. I've been for an interview today which will come to something I hope.

Thirdly, In between all this, my 16 year old neice had a baby boy. He's a loverly little thing that she's called Joshua John. He's nearly a mont old now. We're not thrilled that she had a baby so young, but what can you do.

Fourthly ( and this is the good one! ) One of my nephews ran away from home. He's 18 so that means that he technicaly can go with no issues, but , the poor sod got really badly bullied at school and it's affected him really badly. In short he flipped out, and we were concerned that he was going to do himself in. It got worse after we found written all over his bedroom walls things like, "Kill he will, they've got it coming" and " This war has only just started". As you can imagine we freaked out somewhat as he has a fasination with guns and war and we couldn't take the chance of him going on a killing spree...sounds far fetched but trust me it isn't. Anyway, he turned up near his granparents house up in Norfolk and he's is staying there for the time being so he can get the help he needs.

So that's my eh? Anyway, when is this AOL journal going?. I'll stay in contact with you all and i'll set up a new journal somewhere else.

Hope everyone is well

Oh and it's Queen + Paul Rodgers at the O2 arena this Monday!! Hoorah..something good.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

I'm Home

We'll I'm home from holiday, and I can honestly say that I'm absolutly gutted to be home. Infact if it wasn't for the dogs, we wouldn't have come home. Property in Malta is really cheap and we could easily afford to live there.We both got offered jobs which sadly we couldn't except.We may go back out at christmas and see if we can rent a place out there so that we can go for long weekend and bank holidays. It's only 2 and half hours away and you can get cheap flights out there.

Anyway, work is bad. Nick has gone, I want to go, Julia wants to go and Tony is going.I've pretty much shut off from it now and just do whatever I can, if it don't all get done anymore I don't care..whatever! On top of that, our wages haven't gone in the bank, so I've spent this bank holiday weekend indoors with 60p in the bank..great!!

Anyway, here's some holiday snaps!.

This was the first day there

The view from our room at sunset

The view from our room looking over the Med.

Two cocks on a rock!!..( I love this photo! )

The blue lagoon

Lee..erm, tired and emotional shall we say

Me in the same state

2500 feet above sea level in Taomino in Sicily

Lee with Mount Etna ( letting off steam! ) in the background ( cool photo )

This photo really doesn't do this view justice, but this was a Roman Amphitheatre with Etna in the background.

If you look closely, you can see the houses that are built on the edge of that cliff..crazy Italian bastards!

Halfway up Mount Etna with the dried up lava flow from the 1991 eruption.Some crazy Italian was trying to flog me a rock of lava for 2 Euros. I pointed out that there was plenty that was free.

3 quarters of the way up Etna, just at the bottom of the ski slopes.

I made Lee climb up this old crator, again this doesn't really convey the true size of the thing.

Lee just before moaning about the volcanic rock in his trainers.

Looking down over the coast of Sicily with more old crators going off into the distance.

A house that didn't quite make it. There are loads buried underneath the rock.

John Entwistle from The Who shoes that were at the Hard Rock Cafe in Malta

Monday, 28 July 2008

Rock and Roll

Hey all. I'm wrighting this when I'm supposed to be pavking for my holiday. We're off to Malta in the morning finally. This weekend has been nothing but grief though. Firstly we had to take Gussy to the vets on Friday, as he was in obvious pain and was struggling to get about. It turns out he's got arthritus in his back legs. We got him sorted with some medicine but we came out £46 ( $92 ) poorer. I got home with him to find that me satalite box had packed up, so no T.V apart from 3 channels ( I cant get channel 4 ), then yesterday I was topping up the oil and water in the car and found that an air return pipe had split, so I had to get that replaced today.


Anyway. A couple of Fridays ago we went to see Status Quo at Rochester castle which is only a 10 minute walk from here.

As you can see I was on the beer but it was a really good night and they played well. I didn't want to go at first because I've seen them to many times and I got kind of bored with it, but the 7 pints I had sorted that out!

Right I really should go and pack. It's 9.23pm and I've not any of it yet.


I'll catch you all in a couple of weeks...take care all!!

Monday, 30 June 2008

Again..I am Still alive

Well I'm still about. I kind of lost a bit of interest in doing this, as most of the time I was just bitching about work and stuff, and I really wasn't in a good head place. I'm a lot happier now ( I'm sure it's the weather ).

Anyway, times are sure tough aren't they? Petrol's through the roof ( $2.36 ish a Litre!! ) foods gone up, gas and electric up 40%, it's unreal. I've even had to change the food the dogs we're eating because it was costing me £11 a week. Who know's what can be done about it.

Thats a photo of my head after I fell over at 2 in the morning one night and split my head open and knocked myself out on a guitar. It smarted I can tell you. It's healed up now, but I've got a loverly Harry Potter type scar on my head now.

Lee and me are off to Malta again in 3 weeks time. I can't wait. It'll be nice to get away together and spend some quality time. He's done a couple of shows, I learnt one on the morning of the show on the drums and plyed for him, the other one was The Full Monty, and much to his credit he did get his knob out on stage. I would'nt have done it.

I've found a way that I can get into the U.S.A. So next year we are going to go to New York for a week. We've had it priced up and we can afford to go to the 5 star ( count em! ) Waldorf Astoria in Manhatten. I sooooo want to go, and if my little plan works, then we'll look at visiting other parts. It should work.

Right I'm off for my dinner.

Monday, 2 June 2008

New Update

Sorry people I'm still alive. I've not posted as I've not really wanted to. I've been in a very very dark place the last 6 weeks or so. I'm out of it now I think. Well whats happened.

Last Friday I had the day off work to help Lee out with a musical the he was playing for. He teaches these kids on a Sunday for a dance school that his friend runs, and this was there end of term show. So anyway, I learnt the entire musical Grease on the drums on Friday morning. I've never really heard the musical version before, so I didn't know half the songs. We got through it though, and I did enjoy it, the big bonus was we didn't row once..i just did as I was told!

This week he's in doing the Full Monty show at our local big theatre. He's got to get his cock out and I'm going with my nephew and my Mum ( how embarising ) on Friday night. I wont laugh ( I promise!! ) He's working so hard at the moment. He's doing ( done ) 3 shows, working a job, teaching on a Sunday and going to college all at the same time. I'm so proud of him, he knows what he wants to do, and it's a sacrifice at the moment as I only get to be woth him once or twice a week ( although we do speak every day ) but I know it's for the good in the long run. I do love him.

Work sucks donkey bollocks!! It's awfull. Somehow it's become obvious the people they got rid of we're the people that kept the atmosphere alive in there. It's fucking dead, and at times you get bollocked for being to loud, then you get told to be quiet, so you do, then you get bollocked for being moody. You cant fucking win!!! I've told Natalie that I'm activly looking for a job elsewere. There may be a job in the office coming up in October, but I've got a feeling I'm going to get fucked over for it.

Anyway, I hope your all well, and even though I've been hiding, I've been thinking about you all!!