Wednesday, 8 October 2008

When Does This Shit finish?

Right girls and boys strap yourself's in..this has been my mad last 6 weeks.

Firstly, Natalie at work got really funny with me after I came back from holiday and pretty much told me that I couldn't do what I had been doing for the last 2 years, which was communicating with the other members of staff about what was going to be delivered that week and what wasn't. She also brought up the fact that I was supposed to be starting at 7.30 and not 8 in the morning. I said that was a load of old bollocks and why has it taken 2 years for it to become an issue, this strangly she couldn't answer. The long and the short of it is I handed my notice in, I thought that the 4 weeks notice would give me time to find something else.

Secondly, I was promised a job so I didn't really look that hard over the next few weeks as I thought it was all cool, but, while I was training my replacement I got told by the comapny that they had over prescribed the job and that they didn't have a place from me anymore! FUCK!!!!!!!!. So now I'm unemployed and right royaly fucked! I've signed up to a load of agencies trying to set some money in, but with the current climate it's slow. I've been for an interview today which will come to something I hope.

Thirdly, In between all this, my 16 year old neice had a baby boy. He's a loverly little thing that she's called Joshua John. He's nearly a mont old now. We're not thrilled that she had a baby so young, but what can you do.

Fourthly ( and this is the good one! ) One of my nephews ran away from home. He's 18 so that means that he technicaly can go with no issues, but , the poor sod got really badly bullied at school and it's affected him really badly. In short he flipped out, and we were concerned that he was going to do himself in. It got worse after we found written all over his bedroom walls things like, "Kill he will, they've got it coming" and " This war has only just started". As you can imagine we freaked out somewhat as he has a fasination with guns and war and we couldn't take the chance of him going on a killing spree...sounds far fetched but trust me it isn't. Anyway, he turned up near his granparents house up in Norfolk and he's is staying there for the time being so he can get the help he needs.

So that's my eh? Anyway, when is this AOL journal going?. I'll stay in contact with you all and i'll set up a new journal somewhere else.

Hope everyone is well

Oh and it's Queen + Paul Rodgers at the O2 arena this Monday!! Hoorah..something good.


jmoqueen said...

Wooooooooooooo QPR :o)  Your gonna love it xx

cubbycub said...

What a shity  few weeks you have had.  I am so sorry about the job situation and if u need to vent, just send me e-mails and let it all out.  I will send u the link to my new journal, as soon as I get it done.  Love you pal.

theeboi said...

you better keep in touch matey, reading this is the highlight of ma week hehehe

gazker said...

Hello Ducky, yeah, I did put sun screen in all the right places ;-) Wow, you had a shit few weeks didnt cha?
As for the AOL SYHTE, not sure when they are closing as I got all this stuff flung at me the day before we went away.
I hope you're migrating to blogger with the rest of us? And feel free to vent to me an e mails if ya want. Me an cubby will get ya through it.

Gaz x