Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Morning Loves

Welcome to my new blog. Thank's to Gaz for putting onto this site.

Well anyway, news part 1 is I've got a job at last!! Not the most glamorous of jobs but I'm going to be a taxi driver. It's been really tough to get anything at all really, even the agencies are quiet. I start on Monday for 6 weeks of training and in which time I've got to have a medical and pass the knowledge test. I'm pleased, thats a real relief to have got something at last.

Queen and Paul Rodgers at the O2 was incredible!! I managed to get the front of the catwalk so I had a really good view when they came down it. I couldn't believe it when Roger Taylor was doing a drum solo 10 feet in front of me. The set was good, the staging was stunning and I wish I could have got to see more of the gig's round the country. I might try and get tickets for the O2 November show, but The Who are doing 2 intimate shows for fanclub members only, so I don't know if I should get tickets for that ( they go on sale Friday )..I might need to borrow some money.

Anyway's, have fun all and get all your blogs sorted!!


Saltydawg said...

Are you going to be a mini cab driver? Maybe you could do the knowledge & be a black cab driver? Welcome to your new home!
Big kisses, Gaz x

Jmoqueen said...

Please, please come to the 2nd O2 gig, so we can arrange to meet properly :o) I can't believe we were stood that close lol.. Roger's solo is amazing isn't it?? I couldn't get over how close he was when I first saw it!! Even now it's still so cool :o)