Tuesday, 30 May 2006

The Long Bank Holiday

The weekends been a busy one. This is the first weekend I've had off for ages and I wanted to let my hair down a bit. Well...ive got no hair, but you know what I mean.

Saturday night I went out with my mate Mike, I've not seen him for ages, and as he was DJ'ING at the local bar, i thought it was a good time to catch up. It was a great night out.

On Sunday I went out with Antony for a little drive, then we went to The Riverside Tavern for a bottle of wine and to relax. Unfortunatly there was an open mike night, which seemed to only be open to 3 people, all of  whomn were shit and so far up they're own arse's it was unreal.

Yesterday we went up to London in the car to have a look at at a few places. We went past the BBC center and found a few football stadiums.The new Arsenal one is huge. In the evening we went to Matt and Kelly's for a visit. We got a chinese in ( take away..not person )  and they had a couple of bottles of wine. I didn't as I had to drive home.

I knackered after it all and could do with another couple of days off to recover. Its half term for the kids this week, so I'm hoping for an easy weel at work. There shouldn't be much traffic about and I'm hoping a lot have people have gone away.

Never know your luck

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Good and Bad

Yesterday morning I went to the hospital to have a check up and make sure everything is cool. I got my results from the last set of test that I had back in February. My viral load is under 50 counts still, which is really really good. Its been stable like that for a while which I'm really happy about. My CD4 count ( which is my immune system ) has gone from 92 up to 174. Its not been that high before and the doctor was really happy with that. Its still not as good as it could be, but its a vast improvement.

The only bad part is that the creotine level ( which is something to do with my liver ) is going up quite quickly. This is bad, as it means my liver is starting to deterioate and could get damaged. This is mainly down to the tablets, and of course could be down to drinking to much. The doctor has taken some more bloods, and if the levels have gone up again, then he is going to change my tablets, just to see if it will make a difference. Its a bit worrying, but it can be over come.

Monday, 22 May 2006


Why do I feel so angry all the time? Yesterday I got so angry that I went dizzy and nearly passed out. It doesn't seem right to me. I'm trying so hard to keep my head above water and be there for everyone else, I'm not dealing with my own problems and its starting to get to me. I feel boxed in. Everyone is telling me they're problems, but no one is listening to mine. I feel like people are deaf to me sometimes. " Oh its Stewart, he's ok, he's always happy " but I'm not. I'm really pissed off with people picking me up and putting me down when it suits them, and I'm pissed off with people expecting me to jump when they say so. Can I have a little time to do what I want to do?

I'm so happy I'm with Antony now, he keeps me sane and on the ground. His little smile is just the best, and I love to see him smile. He's very sweet. Things are going well, but its hard with the hours we work, and the fact that we cant really spend a night together as there isnt the room and my dogs would really fuck with his asthma. Things are going good though, I love him to bits.

Lisa is going to come and see me soon, and we are going to talk about whats happening and how to sort it. I need some direction I think, or just a punch bag. Now there's an idea, I could put one up in the cellar and give that a good hammering when I get the ump.

I'm trying hard to keep my head above water...bear with me people!!!

Friday, 19 May 2006

Big Brother

Well Big Brother has started again with the usual wierdo's and freaks to grace our screens for another 13 weeks. They have a bloke in there that has turettes, now while this is really funny, I question to myself " Is it right to be laughing at him? " While my evil self says Yes, there a part of me that thinks its wrong. There's a really fighsty woman in there that hates everyone, a knob who's built like a stick and thinks he's from Baywatch, a screaming queen who sounds like Lorraine Kelly, a very very fit posh boy, and a few other nobodys who no one really is going to give a fuck about. I hope the tourettes lad wins it. Fucking hell he is funny! Antony loves BB ( Big Brother I'm talking about! Tut!! ) but I can take it or leave it. My Mum is the worse one though. She will sit there and watch them sleep sometimes, sad cow. Still, it keeps her quiet for a while.

What else has happened? Oh yeah, on Tuesday night, Ant and Me went and stayed in a hotel in Brighton for the night. It was good to get away from this area for a little while, and it was loverly just to spend some time with him just lazing about. Of course he got me really drunk again!!

He's working this weekend, so I'm going to have a quiet one and do a few things ive said I've been going to do for ages. I know I'm going to hit the gym at some point, and get my golf clubs out and have a bat about up the driving range. I wanted to be out on the courses by now, but the great British weather has proved to be somewhat wank again this year so its not happened.

Oh I need a shit...gotta go

Monday, 15 May 2006

Deal or no Deal?

Isn't deal or no deal just the best program on the telly at the moment? Its a simple game, but its so addictive.

Anyway.... Antony, Me , my sister, Maxine her daughter and Emily went for a drink in the Riverside Tavern on Saturday. It was a fab night and we were even home by mid-night. We both like going out early now and going home early, its much better.

Yesterday we went for a little ( long ) drive around the coast. We found a digital camera wich we kept, and we stood on the top of Beechy Head, which is a huge cliff top. Scary as shit it was. We drove round to Brighton and had a little wander on the pier, then we went to find something to eat. On the walk down the seafront, we saw ex boxer Chris Eubank standing on the seafront next to his Peterbuilt truck which he drives about. The bloke is huge, a lot bigger than I thought he would be, and strangly he was very nice. Antony was very suprised to see him.

I copped a result today at work. I went in at 5.30 this morning ( urghh ) and I got a route that only had 7 drops on it. I was back at the yard just after 11 and was home by 12.. 2 hours early!! What a result. I bet I get a load of old shit tomorrow.


Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Putting The Boot In

The greedy bastards that we are, Antony and me managed another 2 meals out on Sunday. We had a full roast dinner for lunch, then a proper steak fry up for tea. Loverly stuff it was. We went to see Antony's Mum and Dad on Sunday afternoon. Kev is going in for a hernia operation today. He was a bit worried but I'm sure he'll be ok. We chatted all afternoon about general stuff. I was a good afetrnoon and a bloody good laugh.

Yesterday at work I had a right mare of a day. It was hammering it down with rain, the traffic was awfull and I got very stressed out. Anyway... Remember rude bitch 70's star from a couple of post's ago? Well... who had to deliver to her yesterday...yep....me!! I was so embaressed and just hoped to god that she didn't recognise me. In fairness to her, she was very nice and gave me a tip. So from now on I shall not judge C list celebs until I've met them. Nigel Planer was very nice though. He was Neil in The Young Ones and played Pops in the original stage version of We Will Rock You. Great bloke.

Last night I went to a jam night with some old friends of mine from Safeways. I got up and had a little play on a couple of numbers, Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin was one of them. I love playing live, kills me though, but I love it! 

Ritchie Blackmore is still great!! I might pay a lot of money and bye this photo enlarged and in a frame.


Saturday, 6 May 2006

For the Love Of God

Yes I still love Twisted Sister. Fucking good rock and roll band. I got hold of a box set of Deep Purple's last days with Ritchie Blackmore, one is a show at the N.E.C. in Birmingham, and the other is from his last gig in Stuttgart. The N.E.C. gig is shit as Ritchie copped the arsehole about something, but Stuttgart is stunning. Ritchie Blackmore is a god on the guitar, very underated and a true god. I love that neo classical style that he and John Lord play in. Very Bach and Paganini, but played on different instruments, true genieus!!

Anyway, Last night Antony and myself went out for a meal at Frankie and Bennies. It was great and we had a really good time. Tonight we went for a meal with his sister and some of her freinds. That was a laugh aswell. After that we met up with his good friends Matt and Kelly. They're getting married next year bless them. They make a great couple and are a really good laugh. I love them to bits.

Speaking of loving someone to bits. I love Antony so much. Ive not been this happy for ages. He's the only person I know that can put up with me and my slightly bizzare sence of humour and the way I tend to go off on one at points. We are going to be together a long time. Marrage.... looks like it will happen in the future. A Medieval theme is being banded about. What fun that would be, spit roast and everything ( not the rude version of spit roast either!! )

I love him... Very much!!!! 

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Lions and tigers and bears oh My!!

Yesterday I went to Whipsnade Zoo with Craig, Bridget and the kids. It was really overcast at forst but the sun came out and it got nice. I've not been there before, but it was really good with lots to see.

When I got home, Antony text me and we went for a drive into London. I showed him some of the places I deliver to by the Thames. It used to be a shithole area, but now its really posh , and we saw an apartment for sale for £2,250,000. Thats for a one bedroom apartment!! It was huge though and had a cracking view of Tower Bridge.

I've got work today, I dont want to go, I'm bore with it now.