Monday, 30 June 2008

Again..I am Still alive

Well I'm still about. I kind of lost a bit of interest in doing this, as most of the time I was just bitching about work and stuff, and I really wasn't in a good head place. I'm a lot happier now ( I'm sure it's the weather ).

Anyway, times are sure tough aren't they? Petrol's through the roof ( $2.36 ish a Litre!! ) foods gone up, gas and electric up 40%, it's unreal. I've even had to change the food the dogs we're eating because it was costing me £11 a week. Who know's what can be done about it.

Thats a photo of my head after I fell over at 2 in the morning one night and split my head open and knocked myself out on a guitar. It smarted I can tell you. It's healed up now, but I've got a loverly Harry Potter type scar on my head now.

Lee and me are off to Malta again in 3 weeks time. I can't wait. It'll be nice to get away together and spend some quality time. He's done a couple of shows, I learnt one on the morning of the show on the drums and plyed for him, the other one was The Full Monty, and much to his credit he did get his knob out on stage. I would'nt have done it.

I've found a way that I can get into the U.S.A. So next year we are going to go to New York for a week. We've had it priced up and we can afford to go to the 5 star ( count em! ) Waldorf Astoria in Manhatten. I sooooo want to go, and if my little plan works, then we'll look at visiting other parts. It should work.

Right I'm off for my dinner.

Monday, 2 June 2008

New Update

Sorry people I'm still alive. I've not posted as I've not really wanted to. I've been in a very very dark place the last 6 weeks or so. I'm out of it now I think. Well whats happened.

Last Friday I had the day off work to help Lee out with a musical the he was playing for. He teaches these kids on a Sunday for a dance school that his friend runs, and this was there end of term show. So anyway, I learnt the entire musical Grease on the drums on Friday morning. I've never really heard the musical version before, so I didn't know half the songs. We got through it though, and I did enjoy it, the big bonus was we didn't row once..i just did as I was told!

This week he's in doing the Full Monty show at our local big theatre. He's got to get his cock out and I'm going with my nephew and my Mum ( how embarising ) on Friday night. I wont laugh ( I promise!! ) He's working so hard at the moment. He's doing ( done ) 3 shows, working a job, teaching on a Sunday and going to college all at the same time. I'm so proud of him, he knows what he wants to do, and it's a sacrifice at the moment as I only get to be woth him once or twice a week ( although we do speak every day ) but I know it's for the good in the long run. I do love him.

Work sucks donkey bollocks!! It's awfull. Somehow it's become obvious the people they got rid of we're the people that kept the atmosphere alive in there. It's fucking dead, and at times you get bollocked for being to loud, then you get told to be quiet, so you do, then you get bollocked for being moody. You cant fucking win!!! I've told Natalie that I'm activly looking for a job elsewere. There may be a job in the office coming up in October, but I've got a feeling I'm going to get fucked over for it.

Anyway, I hope your all well, and even though I've been hiding, I've been thinking about you all!!