Saturday, 21 October 2006

About time

About time I did a new entry. Things have been busy and I got a really bad cold the other week. That turned into a chest infection which has since shown up a much bigger problem.

It appears that one of my tablets has had a really bad reaction to my liver and its caused it to swell up, which in turn has caused swelling on my stomach which in turn has affected my eating and breathing. The doctor has taken me off of my tablets for the time being to flush my liver out, and today I started a whole new rejeme of them. Its a bummer as my tablets were working well with my counts, and I've got to start all over again with this new lot.

I've got to go back to hospital on Monday to get a set of results from this week. They are testing for glandular fever and a few other things aswell.

I've got to go for an ultra sound scan on Wednesday to have a deeper look inside, just to make sure nothing more sinister is going on. They are checking for galstones, cancer? bleeds etc.

I'm a bit worried, but I'll get through it.