Sunday, 24 August 2008

I'm Home

We'll I'm home from holiday, and I can honestly say that I'm absolutly gutted to be home. Infact if it wasn't for the dogs, we wouldn't have come home. Property in Malta is really cheap and we could easily afford to live there.We both got offered jobs which sadly we couldn't except.We may go back out at christmas and see if we can rent a place out there so that we can go for long weekend and bank holidays. It's only 2 and half hours away and you can get cheap flights out there.

Anyway, work is bad. Nick has gone, I want to go, Julia wants to go and Tony is going.I've pretty much shut off from it now and just do whatever I can, if it don't all get done anymore I don't care..whatever! On top of that, our wages haven't gone in the bank, so I've spent this bank holiday weekend indoors with 60p in the bank..great!!

Anyway, here's some holiday snaps!.

This was the first day there

The view from our room at sunset

The view from our room looking over the Med.

Two cocks on a rock!!..( I love this photo! )

The blue lagoon

Lee..erm, tired and emotional shall we say

Me in the same state

2500 feet above sea level in Taomino in Sicily

Lee with Mount Etna ( letting off steam! ) in the background ( cool photo )

This photo really doesn't do this view justice, but this was a Roman Amphitheatre with Etna in the background.

If you look closely, you can see the houses that are built on the edge of that cliff..crazy Italian bastards!

Halfway up Mount Etna with the dried up lava flow from the 1991 eruption.Some crazy Italian was trying to flog me a rock of lava for 2 Euros. I pointed out that there was plenty that was free.

3 quarters of the way up Etna, just at the bottom of the ski slopes.

I made Lee climb up this old crator, again this doesn't really convey the true size of the thing.

Lee just before moaning about the volcanic rock in his trainers.

Looking down over the coast of Sicily with more old crators going off into the distance.

A house that didn't quite make it. There are loads buried underneath the rock.

John Entwistle from The Who shoes that were at the Hard Rock Cafe in Malta


cubbycub said...

Glad to see you are back and had a good time, the pictures are great.  DO your thing and dont let work get you down.  I have now come to the conclusion we just go in and do what you have to get done and come home at the end of the day and do it again the next time u have to go in.  Gets me thru the day now.

theeboi said...

great to hear from you again matey glad youe enjoyed your break pics are fab by the way xxxx

gazker said...

Ello Ducky........ Glad you're back I missed reading your blog. It looks like you had a fab holiday with the wife ;-)
As for work I know what you mean, I am so fucking fed up I wanted to just walk out today. URGHHHHHH.
I would love to have Cubbys outlook on work. Why do we let it get to us huh?