Monday, 28 July 2008

Rock and Roll

Hey all. I'm wrighting this when I'm supposed to be pavking for my holiday. We're off to Malta in the morning finally. This weekend has been nothing but grief though. Firstly we had to take Gussy to the vets on Friday, as he was in obvious pain and was struggling to get about. It turns out he's got arthritus in his back legs. We got him sorted with some medicine but we came out £46 ( $92 ) poorer. I got home with him to find that me satalite box had packed up, so no T.V apart from 3 channels ( I cant get channel 4 ), then yesterday I was topping up the oil and water in the car and found that an air return pipe had split, so I had to get that replaced today.


Anyway. A couple of Fridays ago we went to see Status Quo at Rochester castle which is only a 10 minute walk from here.

As you can see I was on the beer but it was a really good night and they played well. I didn't want to go at first because I've seen them to many times and I got kind of bored with it, but the 7 pints I had sorted that out!

Right I really should go and pack. It's 9.23pm and I've not any of it yet.


I'll catch you all in a couple of weeks...take care all!!


gazker said...

I thought you had gone tits up mate. It's so good to here from you. Never been to Malta, but my Dad's sister married a Malteeser, apparenlty, he tasted good! ;-)
Glad to see that the 7 pints sorted you out, Status Quo would have bored the tits off me.......... You and Lee enjoy yer holiday.
Gaz xxxxxx

theeboi said...

have a great time mate your well in need of it after all that xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

cubbycub said...

I am glad to see u are around, have a good time on your Vacation and enjoy it. Take pleanty of pic's for us, so we can see